Redskins-Seahawks Wild Card Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. This time a 24-14 loss to Seattle.


Reed Doughty — Twelve tackles and two sacks. Reed Doughty!

London Fletcher — Fifteen tackles and half a sack. Legend.

Perry Riley — Eight tackles and a sack. London Fletcher Jr.

Alfred Morris — Eighty yards on 16 carries. Should’ve been more. Inspired this.

Barry Cofield — Forced Marshawn Lynch to fumble on the goal line.

Logan Paulsen — Catch a couple of passes, including a TD.

Evan Royster — Also caught a TD.

Richard Crawford — Continued to not be Brandon Banks.

Sav Rocca — Four punts, 48.3 per. That was good.


Mike Shanahan — I thought he should’ve pulled RGIII no later than halftime, and the informal poll we conducted on Twitter said the same. Hindsight shows we knew more than the $7m/year head coach, to whom history won’t be kind.

Kyle Shanahan — Orchestrated two straight TD drives right off the bat. Then laid an egg for three straight quarters.

Leonard Hankerson — Showed off serious alligator arms in crunch time.

DeAngelo Hall — Whiffed badly on Lynch’s go-ahead TD run.

Will Montgomery — Had a couple bad snaps, including RGIII’s final play.

Ryan Kerrigan and Rob Jackson— Silent linebackers.

Bryan Kehl — Called for holding on a punt that wasn’t even returned.

FedEx Field — Possibly the worst turf in football.

Trent DilferBlamed RGIII for playing hurt, somehow.


Trent WilliamsShoved Richard Sherman in the face after the game.

Pierre Garcon — Targeted early and caught four passes on six targets for 50 yards, but left the game twice with injuries and didn’t play a factor later on.

Robert Griffin III — The Redskins were here because of him, but he was nowhere near well, let alone well enough to play. May he come back in full, showing up and showing out.

(Images via Kissing Suzy Kolber and @usatodaysports.)

20 thoughts on “Redskins-Seahawks Wild Card Winners & Losers”

  1. Sad ending but honestly was expecting to get blown out by this buzzsaw of a Seahawks team. We just played a team that was in the midst of its peak and we went up 14-0. Not a win, but a sign of how different this Redskins team was from years past.

  2. Still absorbing a massive amount of sh*t talking from all my non-redskins friends. This is what the eagles fans must have felt like for 14 years.

  3. Seriously, Dan, your team is being featured nationally twice late in the season and you spray the field green. Bob Kraft replaced his shitty grass with turf mid-season without problem. You can’t bring in some sod to at least re-do between the hashes? PSGO

  4. Also, could we please stop playing Seattle in the playoffs? I’m tired of their ridiculous uniforms being my last memory of a season.

  5. Sweeping Dallas was and always will be the goal. Winning seasons and playoffs are just gravy to me until they have all the pieces. I can honestly say I wasn’t under any delusion that they have the roster to go all the way this year so I’m happy with this season.

    My notes on the game:
    Junk time is a fine time to start catching the fucking football isn’t it Hank?
    The holding call and that mess with all the skins non-attempting to not touch the punt = DS PSGO
    I could go either way with Griffin starting the second half if Cousins wasn’t on the roster and we were looking at Grossman but c’mon, man

  6. DeAngelo Hall deserves a lifetime achievement award in PSGOness. At the very least, he is this year’s PSGO MVP for the Skins. If it weren’t for all the other Skins players I have truly hated in recent memory, he would be my most hated. By a lot.

    Going with a lot of no-name players and rookies served as well this year. I hope we use the offseason to let go of some more dead wood and bring in some more, hungry players.

  7. Also, I couldn’t help but note the similarities between this playoffs collapse and the Nats’ playoff elimination. Both at home. Both up big. Both looked like they were going to roll. And then the other team starts to chip away at the lead until overtaking us in decisive, devastating fashion. The D.C. tease is real, people. And it is frightening.

  8. 1) Press can’t let Danny off the hook this off season for the field. You have a track star for a QB, get some effin grass on the field. No excuse for that garbage. Might have been to blame for the re-injury, maybe the bad snaps, too.

    2) buy RG3 the same knee as AD please

    3) great season. Rookie QB and team exceeded all my expectations. But expect no less than SB next year.

  9. Put 100 coaches in a room and read them the following scenario:

    “It is the end of the first quarter and you are winning 14-0 in your home stadium. Your running back, who is the second-highest rusher in the entire league, has 8 touches and is averaging over 5 yards per rush. Your starting quarterback is injured. You are assured of the following:

    a) you will maintain the lead until the fourth quarter;

    b) the above-mentioned running back will not get injured this game;

    c) and you will snap the ball 39 times in the next three quarters.

    How many times will the above-mentioned running back touch the ball in those next three quarters?”

    Whichever one answers “8 times”, punch in the face. Now, sarcastically wish him luck should he interview for any head coaching vacancies this offseason.

  10. Agreed, dingo. I sincerely hope lil’ Shanny finds a head coaching gig this year, but I doubt it’s gonna happen. Until then you never know when he’ll default back to his favorite fake “greatest show on turf” aerial attack. Every successful team here has run the ball heavily and there are good reasons for that. This isn’t the AFC South.

  11. We had the breathing room to positively *brutalize* this team with the run while letting the D stay fresh and we blew it. Inexcusable.

  12. Why they didn’t go with the running play to the right all game is mystery to me. I thought we’d see the modern version of 50 Gut.

    There is no excuse for that field.

    They are going to have to come up with an altered offensive game plan in the offseason that doesn’t get RGIII pummeled. Otherwise the RGIII era will be very short.

  13. I’ll agree with Pixels. That run to the right is unstoppable. Why we ever stopped running that play is beyond me.

    And Messrs. Mottri: It’s not that this Skins loss is worse than the Nats playoff ouster, it’s that apparently all of our teams in this area (Terps included) lose in the most agonizing fashion possible. I know we don’t have it as bad as, say, Cleveland fans, but this getting punched in the gut like clockwork thing isn’t much better. You could hear the entire crowd in the stadium get the wind knocked out of them when RGIII popped up limping in the first quarter.

  14. Everything at FedEx is half-assed and broken, the turf, the idiotic wooden injury shed to the goddamned shithole stadium itself. Totally emblematic of Snyders short sighted and selfish priorities, if he cant see direct cash out of it, its not worth putting money into. He must be a real prince of a guy to work for.

  15. Also a winner… the wooden injury shed. Got more air time than Erin Andrews and had quality time with RG3. All it needs now is a clever/ironic t-shirt.

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