DMV: It’s Carriker vs. Strahan!

Adam Carriker made a funny and deleted it when Strahan got weird. [Bog]

London Fletcher won Defensive Player of the Month. At 37. [The Insider]

This was the Skins’ first 5-0 December ever. How ’bout that. [Redskins Blog]

On Kyle Shanahan and Jim Haslett becoming head coaches. [The Insider]

Vincent Gray has made a friendly wager with the mayor of Seattle. [Bog]

This woman spent 141-plus hours on this digital portrait of RGIII. [Bog]

Just a bunch of renditions of “HTTR” by kids and dogs and stuff. [Bog]

Hey look, John Wall is practicing for real now. Super. [Bullets Forever]

Here’s a long thing about Jan Vesely I haven’t read yet. [Bullets Forever]

The Nats are scouting veteran starter Javier Vazquez. [Nats Journal]

On how and why Anthony Rendon is not Bryce Harper. [Nats Baseball]

Saber-minded pitching projections for Nats pitchers. [Nats Insider]

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