DMV: RGIII Mic’d Up Is Super-Fun

The “Sound FX” segment starring RGIII vs. Dallas is terrific. [Redskins Blog]

RGIII’s exchange with Romo at the end is so rich. [USA TODAY Sports]

Kyle Shanahan profanely predicted the NFC East championship. [Bog]

Fancy stats say Alfred Morris isn’t that great this season. [The Insider]

RGIII broke two NFL rookie passing records this season. [The Insider]

The Redskins’ 2013 opponents have been determined. [Hogs Haven]

Skins personnel guy Morocco Brown going for Cards GM job. [The Insider]

Good description of what Redskins success feels like. [Burgundy Blog]

One of Sean Taylor’s alleged murderers offers a public apology. [TWT]

This Jordan Crawford self-oop is high-level steez. [DC Sports Nexus]

The Wiz are lining up to be the worst team in NBA history. [Capital Games]

Brad Beal win Eastern Conf. Rookie of the Month, somehow. [Wiz Insider]

Stan Van Gundy says the Wiz have no cornerstones. He’s not far off. [Bog]

What saber guys think about the Nats offense in 2013. [Nats Insider]

ACC play is ready to start. Terps look like a top-four team. [Testudo Times]

Ex-UCLA flameout/big man Josh Smith is G’town-bound. [The Dagger]

JMU started CAA play with a road win at ODU. [JMU Sports Blog]

4 thoughts on “DMV: RGIII Mic’d Up Is Super-Fun”

  1. Please don’t ever link to a Chris chase article again, the guys just awful….but I did love the RGIII sound bite to romo.

  2. There is so much to like in that Skins mic’d up video. Garcon’s “Beat Dallas” shirt, the way RG3 sheds his sideline jacket after Crawfords pick, Santana giving love for his QB, and of course the demoralizing words of encouragement for Romo.

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