The Redskins’ Super Bowl Odds Are Not Looking Very Good

A seven-game winning streak makes anything seem possible, but this may splash some cold water on your travel plans to New Orleans:

Football Outsiders’ playoff odds give Washington a 16.1% chance of making it to the NFC Championship, a 6.8% chance of making it to the Super Bowl and a 2.8% chance of winning it all. Those are the fifth-best odds in the NFC playoff field, ahead of only Minnesota.

San Francisco is the favorite (14.3% chance of winning the Super Bowl), and Seattle is next (10.3%). After that, it’s Atlanta (7.7%) and Green Bay (6.6%) a little bit back. Basically, the NFC is a conference without clear favorites (unlike the AFC, where Denver is at 26.2% and New England 24.3%).

That said, Washington should be rooting for Green Bay to win this weekend. If that happens, then the Skins would travel to Atlanta after beating Seattle. If the Packers lose, the Skins go out to San Francisco.

But first, the Seahawks. Seattle is a three-point favorite.

Update: Vegas has the Skins at 20:1 to win it all. Sounds about right.

(Image taken with love from the Redskins Facebook page.)

7 thoughts on “The Redskins’ Super Bowl Odds Are Not Looking Very Good”

  1. I love these odds calculations. 2.9% of “Shanahan Revenge” Super Bowl (Was-Den) OR “2012 Draft Showdown” Super Bowl (Was-Ind).

    No word on the odds of a Beltway Super Bowl though (Was-Bal).

  2. Think I’d rather go to San Fran than Atlanta. But can’t look past Seahawks, obviously. Reminds me, during the Monday Night game my friend (a big Viking fan) turned to me and said “The Skins got no shot at the Superbowl.” I’ve been saying that back to him ever since “no shot huh?” He also put up a thing on facebook “Peterson for MVP!” I said, “yeah he’s pretty good…week 17 he ALMOST had as many yards as our rookie…hey, wasn’t he the guy that got outrushed by our rookie quarterback when he came to Fed-Ex…yeah he’s ok.”

  3. Back in August, what were Football Outsiders’ odds on the Redskins being NFC Champs? Close to none? Nough said.

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