London Fletcher vs. Ray Lewis

With Ray Lewis’ announcement that he’s retiring after this postseason, the natural thing to do is assess his standing among all-time great linebackers. He may actually be most comparable to a current great LB, though:

That chart is from the Redskins-Browns games a few weeks back, so it doesn’t include the three games, 30 tackles and two sacks Fletcher has recorded since then. Nor does it account for Lewis’ advantages in Pro Bowls and Defensive Player of the Year Awards. But still.

20 thoughts on “London Fletcher vs. Ray Lewis”

  1. nor does it account for people murdered:

    ray lewis – 1
    london fletcher – 0

    london fletcher is a model teammate, family man & citizen. ray lewis should be in prison and can eat shit.

  2. It really sucks people are going to have to clamor for London Fletcher to get into the Hall of Fame ala Art Monk. And Ray Lewis will have his fucking 5-year moment automatically. Fuck Ray Lewis.

  3. Having Ray Lewis and London in the same discussion is crazy talk.

    London is rock steady and class act no doubt, but Ray in his prime was the best player on the field…a total game changer.

  4. Sorry folks, but there is no comparison. Fletcher is good player, teammate, etc. but he has never had the impact* that Lewis has had on the field and the game. For the record, I’d give a nod to Fletcher for the Hall…he has gotten snubbed for a lot of Pro Bowls.

  5. burgertime ur a dumbass ray lewis never killed anyone , he was accused never convicted of murder.

    oj was never convicted of murder, either.


    sweet grammar though!

    jm: i’d say he’s at least as great as lewis, in a different way. hope he’s in the hall as a redskin but in a just society he should be a lock either way.

  6. Fletcher was much more consistent and dependable than Lewis and with less of supporting cast. Fletcher deserves to be in the HOF, w/o a doubt.

  7. How many head coaches are there killing it in the league because of Ray Lewis…….One of the best defenses ever….the leader and even if you are just a super bias hater,kill yourself……Ray coming out the tunnel son…priceless he’s a Warrior and if ur a football guy,its not even a question…

  8. People lets get real fletch is a great player. ! , but the fact that ray has played on a better team defines it all. He has done things faster than anyone on a great d. Can you imagine what Ray Lewis’ stats would be if he were on a crappy team they would be crazy. Way more than what he has now. You put London on a great d he becomes just good not great. People need to understand no one is taking anything away from fletch. The fact of the matter is stats don’t lie and London is not as close as you realize. Ray due to injury had less time on the field and still accomplished those numbers. If your at work and your work partner puts together the same amount of product in a faster time, who would get the praise? The person who beat you in time, speed and efficiency. Just a fact!!!!! So no London is not better than ray!

  9. Your logic is flawed. Football does not carry the transitive property – for instance, since team A beat team B, and team B beat team C, that doesn’t mean that team A will automatically beat team C.

    By the same logic, you can not say that had Lewis been on a less sterling defense his whole career, his stats would be more impressive than they are now. Life is linear and does not work that way.

    The whole argument is completely subjective anyhow, much like the mugs that say “world’s greatest grandpa”. It’s open to interpretation.

    What’s not open to interpretation however, is that based on clear evidence like Fletcher’s superior durability (more games played) and reliability (more tackles per season), coupled with his ability to not get away with murdering 2 people, fleeing the scene, dumping his blood-stained white suit, lying to police, turning on his friends and putting them in prison, and settling with the victim’s families for a huge amount of cash makes Fletch the better all-around player.

    If you disagree and would rather have Lewis on your team, then go stab someone outside a nightclub.

    America seems to have forgotten: Ray Lewis is a lying, squealing murderer. True Skins fans have not. He is a fraud and should be in prison.


  10. London Fletcher was on a superbowl winning team and shined for the Rams, he anchored that defense and got Kurt Warner and the greatest show on turf on the field. Ray Lewis was on the field more because his offense was just 3 and outs for a good portion of his carrier.

  11. You deadskins fans butt hurt huh? Proud of what a bs barely .500 season? AHAHAHAHAHA
    DUMBASSES u will never return to a superbowl. Ur team is straight garbage.

  12. Are you kidding me. I hate stats. Watch the actual games. You can’t measure a defensive player by stats. This is just ridiculous. Fletch is an awesome linebacker. And he might even have had better seasons toward the end of both of their careers as Ray has been battling injuries. But we are talking about one of the greatest defensive players of ALL TIME. Fletcher is not in that conversation. Sorry.

  13. Matt,
    You are mindless ass, seems you get your thrills by cutting other people down. Do you even realize that you sound like a mindless jerk with your babble?? Redskins did well this year and will continue to build on it. Give your prejudicial comments a rest.

  14. Hey all so I like what everyone is saying…respect to both players. I would like to point it out, ray lewis has played ONLY 12 less games with 300 less tackles, that is about two phenomenal seasons out of ray. ray has played for two more years than london, ray was a draft pick, london was undrafted. I think their stats are comparable in every category, including superbowls. they are both leaders. Ray and London (ray now more than before) have been stellar professionals. ray talks a little much for my liking personally but i respect the hell out him.

    the only thing i care about is whether london gets in or not though. most underrated player in the history of the NFL, i mean he has to be in discussions. he has had over 100 tackles EVERY season of his career. he has NOT MISSED A GAME in his entire CAREER…as a ILB. i mean the guy has achieved great heights. Ray is far more talented and physically gifted naturally, but for what he lacks in size and strength, london makes up in heart and determination. he is the epitome of what the nfl needs and wants, and should be honored as a first time ballot guy.

    feedback? i think ray and london both get on first time ballot. ray will probably be regarded by most as better, but for me, i would argue that i’d choose london fletcher. he did it with several teams, he did across two decades almost, he did it as an undrafted free agent, he did it with more tackles. ray’s legacy is that he’s a game changer and a leader, londons legacy is hes ultra consistent (high level of consistency of high level of play) and a leader. you choose…

  15. Bottom line, nobody was ever scared of London Fletcher.

    Cue the murder jokes.

    Great teammate, great player, but not in anyway, even close enough to sniff Ray.

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