Redskins-Cowboys NFC East Championship Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Today, a 28-18 victory over Dallas.


Alfred Morris — That was one of the great individual performances in NFL history. Two hundred yards and three touchdowns in a division championship against Dallas. It was the most rushing yards in a game by a Redskins rookie, and gives him a) the most yards in a season by a Redskins running back, b) the third-most yards by a rookie RB and c) the second-most yards in the NFL this season. He says he’ll “never be a star,” but he already is.

Robert Griffin III — Had one bad wheel and no help from his receivers, but he didn’t turn it over, which was fantastic compared to sad Romo.

The offensive line — Paved the way for 274 yards rushing, was rarely flagged and gave up just one sack, even if Josh LeRibeus had to make an appearance. It was beautiful.

Jim HaslettBlitzed like hell, which was not only fun to watch but highly effective, holding Dallas to 18 points and under 300 yards.

Rob Jackson, Richard Crawford and Josh Wilson — All caught passes from Romo. Jack City’s INT was especially nice, causing the Mottram family viewing party to collapse in on itself.

London Fletcher — First two-sack game in seven years.

DeAngelo Hall — Almost looked like a shutdown corner out there, one-on-one with Dez Bryant while Haslett blitzed the night away.

Kyle Shanahan — Ran the ball 42 times, threw it 18. Read that again.

Niles Paul — Finally made a play in the form of a 48-yard kick return. Loved that stiff-arm on the kicker.

Logan Paulsen — That was such an awesome eight-yard catch.

The guy who got his father backJust read the story.

The guy who tackled his Christmas tree Just watch the video.

NBC — Highest rated regular season primetime game in 15 years.

Dan SnyderGot to sit next to Joe Gibbs! Also gets to host a playoff game and sell that sweet division champ swag.


Pierre Garcon — That drop on third down in the fourth was tough. So glad it didn’t come back to bite them.

Kai Forbath — The same could be said for the 37-yarder he doinked.

Joshua Morgan — Zero catches on four targets, including a drop.

Danny Smith — Appeared to be outmaneuvered not once but twice. The first was when Dallas flipped from kicking to punting and caught the Skins with a seven-man return unit, and the second was when they had to bring everyone in for punt protection and had no gunners outside.

That guy who wears No. 30He really got jacked up.


Sav Rocca — If your punter is going to have to make a tackle he might as well do it like this.

The refereesThe blown delay of game call was brutal, but there’s something to be said for a game with only three penalties. It was the best.

(Images taken from @recordsandradio, @rg3woman and dcsportsbog.)

14 thoughts on “Redskins-Cowboys NFC East Championship Winners & Losers”

  1. “Kyle Shanahan — Ran the ball 42 times, threw it 18. Read that again.”

    This. Tailored the plan for the health status of your players and the weaknesses of the opponents. Can’t understate

  2. Winners:

    The Redskins Fans – Three straight home games with more home fans than visitors. The whole stadium — all Burgundy. No empty yellow seats. And after hearing “Coooooooley” and “We want Dallas” chants over the television @ Philly last week — The 12th man is back!


    Al Michaels – Terrible, all night. No enthusiasm, utterly lost – “I was looking at a TE returning a kick, and then I realized Banks was injured, but he didn’t look like a TE there.” — Yeah, cause Paul only had 2500 return yards and 3 TDs in college — Who would have thought he could return a ball?

  3. If only i could have predicted the correct score to go along with this gem:

    “Rob Jackson with a momentum changing play and the rest is the Alfred Morris show.”

    what an awesome night. though, i was a little disappointed in the crowd. they did not seem very loud.

  4. Alfred Morris is the stone cold BOMB. That 32-yd TD run, where he weaved through about 8 guys and suddenly he’s alone running down the middle of the field? Holy crap. And when he makes that cut upfield on the stretch plays, he’s getting a minimum of 4 yards. They seemed geared to stop him, which made sense. So he only got 200 yards. Holy crap.

  5. Credit where it’s due: the D has been great recently. Noteworthy turnarounds by Fletch, DHall, et al making Haslett look like a genius – which by golly, he just might be. D-Line is beastly. Rob Jackson is a revelation. Hail to the motherfucking Redskins. Feels so good!

  6. I have to defend the crowd from last night. I was sitting in section 140, no one sat down the entire game. Whole place was nuts screaming. NBC must’ve tuned the crowd noise down, because I watched my DVR this morning and it was much louder than it was on the telecast.

  7. I’ve also got to hand it to Reed Doughty and his special teams play. He doled out a spinebuster, DDT, suplex and made a tackle that went straight through a lead blocker and into a ball carrier. That was pretty awesome.

    I’m also really happy for Mr. 626 – Alfred Morris. He really stole the show. He’s unbelievable and probably better than any of Shanahan’s RBs Terrell Davis included.

  8. I don’t know why some people think the stadium was “not loud.” I’m a STH and was there, in the lower bowl, and it was the loudest I’ve ever heard since at FedEx. You had to scream just to talk to the guy in the row in front of you.

    Just ’cause it didn’t sound loud on the TV doesn’t mean it wasn’t loud. In fact, every Dallas offensive play there was screaming. It was the greatest home game 12th man I’ve been apart of since FedEx opened. Hail! IDK… maybe the upper level was quiet? But it was electric down in the lower level.

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