Redskins-Cowboys Is A Really, Really, Really Expensive Ticket

Sunday night’s Redskins-Cowboys game (AKA The NFC East Championship) is not only this week’s most expensive NFL ticket, it’s the most expensive regular season NFL ticket in four years. That’s according to our ticket partner TiqIQ, at least, which says the No. 2 game is Cowboys at Saints in 2009 and No. 3 is Steelers at Cowboys earlier this year.

Tickets are averaging $719, and you can’t get in for less than $267. If someone gave you one for Christmas, cherish them dearly. If not, it’s Dallas, and getting Redskins tickets here is as good a bet as any. Happy hunting.

8 thoughts on “Redskins-Cowboys Is A Really, Really, Really Expensive Ticket”

  1. @Tony one of the Cowboys said at the beginning of the season that a rookie should have to earn his nickname and until then he was “Bob Griffin.” I believe that Cowboy conceded weeks ago that the nickname had been earned. I don’t think it was mean-spirited and I laughed when he said it.

  2. @WFY actually it was a giants defensive player. i think maybe osi or tuck. probably osi – he runs his mouth. after they played, he said he would call him sir robert if he wants.

  3. regardless, i think we can all agree that, given the quality of HD TV today, ticket prices should be going DOWN or remaining constant, not increasing.

  4. I will be yelling at my TV from the comfort of my home and trying not to drink too much as I have to (stupidly) work the next day. I expect the stadium to be rockin and clearly heardon national tv though.

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