DMV: The Biggest Dallas Week Of The Century!

And the winner takes it all: Skins-Cowboys for the division title. [Boz]

We Want Dallas: Next Sunday’s game game is officially flexed. [PFT]

Ten observations from the Skins 27-20 win over Philly. [Wash. Exam.]

Skins, RGIII keep it simple, but still deliver win. [USAT]

In the spirit of Christmas, here is an RGIII Christmas Carol. [Bog]

Breaking down the Redskins sixth-straight win song by song. [HMcFB]

If you like our Winners & Losers, enjoy Steinz’ best and worst. [Bog]

Possible new nickname for Alfred Morris: The Closer. [Real Redskins]

Plenty of Skins players, and all fans, are looking forward to Sunday. [Bog]

If you like media stories, this SNF profile is worth the read. [Deadspin]

Wiz made some weird roster moves over the weekend. [BF, BF]

Not much to be found, but here are three positives for the Wiz. [TAI]

Hokies get drilled in Las Vegas by Colorado State. [WaPo]

2012 Sports Year in Review, featuring Racin’ Teddy and Buttfumble. [GL]

[Picture taken with love from FoodRepublic. Merry Christmas y’all.]

3 thoughts on “DMV: The Biggest Dallas Week Of The Century!”

  1. Everybody said those Accuscore predictions were done terribly (including Accuscore), because ESPN the Magazine didn’t know how probability works, which is why they also projected the Packers to go undefeated and the Rams to be winless.

    Accuscore’s actual projection for the Redskins was 6-10, still incorrect, but nowhere near as bad as Prisco.

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