Redskins-Eagles Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Today, a 27-20 win at Philly.


Robert Griffin IIIThe mobility wasn’t there, and I could’ve sworn he had just an okay game throwing the ball, but he ended up with a 102.2 rating, so what do I know.

Ryan Kerrigan — His strip-sack early on shifted momentum big time. Picked up another sack later. Now has a career-high 8.5.

Kai Forbath — Another game, another two made FG. Now has the NFL record for made FG attempts without a miss to start a career (17-17).

London Fletcher — Picked up his career-high fifth INT. (Shout out to Barry Cofield for tipping the pass.) Also made 12 tackles. Oh, and he puked.

Stephen Bowen — Pressured Nick Foles into the game-ending intentional grounding that made me jump up and down like an idiot.

Pierre Garcon — Seven catches on nine targets for 89 yards.

Alfred Morris — Only 18 yards in the first half. Finished with 91 and his 10th TD of the season, tying Charley Taylor’s 48-year-old franchise record for touchdowns by a rookie.

Santana Moss — That TD catch-and-drag was a thing of beauty. It was also his eighth TD of the season, his most since 2005.

Chris Cooley — Broke his reception-less streak by catching a pass for a first on 3rd-and-2 in the fourth.

Perry Riley and Lorenzo Alexander — Picked up a couple of sacks and combined for 13 tackles.

Richard Crawford — Recovered the fumble on Kerrigan’s strip-sack. Also returned a punt 20 yards. Is not Brandon Banks.

Maurice Hurt — Subbed for Tyler Polumbus at RT and the line didn’t suffer for it (only allowed one sack and ran the ball well).

Fox — I wasn’t really listening to Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick, but I hear they played Chuck Brown’s “Bustin’ Loose” into a break.


Whoever No. 30 is — Burnt for another TD and missed a tackle too.

Chris Wilson — Held on the Skins’ first kick return, costing them 46 yards. Of course, maybe if he didn’t hold the return wouldn’t have gone that far. We’ll never know.

Leonard Hankerson — Dropped as many passes as he caught.

Mike Shanahan — Lost a bad challenge on that RGIII backwards pass to Moss. Got stuffed on fourth down early. Punted on fourth-and-a-foot late.


Josh Morgan — Had a nice run on a reverse early on, and the catch-and-run TD was nice too. Thought he should’ve caught the ball that ended up being RGIII’s lone INT.

21 thoughts on “Redskins-Eagles Winners & Losers”

  1. No. 30 aka DJ Johnson needs to disappear along with Madieu Williams. I am sure I was raging the entire game on him in the live thread.

  2. Winner: road warrior fans, going into a normally hostile environment. Saluting the Cooley catch was clearly heard on the fox broadcast.

  3. Not going for it should have cost us that game. Everyone knew if we punted theyd be on the 45 3 plays later. Shanahan is gutless. We got lucky today.

    Biggest regular season game in my lifetime next week. No big deal

  4. QBR isn’t a great stat. But big big big win by the Skins. We swept the Eagles, beat the Giants on MNF, beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, beat the Ravens in the Beltway Battle. Win or lose next week this is a good season for the Redskins despite being, I don’t know, not an actually talented team on D. RG3 is the real deal. #duh

  5. Looking at that simulator, Seattle is locked into a 3 or 5 seed meaning they play in Washington in the first round or the Skins travel to Seattle in the second round. I think I’ll take scenario #1. Those guys have beaten us too many times in Seattle.

  6. Rob Jackson continues to get no love despite being arguably the best defender recently.

    Also, seeing RG3 and KC1 interact with Lil’ Shanny on the sidelines makes me extremely curious about what exactly they’re saying. So, so curious…

    I’m also convinced that Haslett is actually a defensive genius. This team is extremely limited with talent on Def and his scheming allows the team to remain competitive.

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