Chris Cooley, Blocking Tight End?

Just noticed this for reasons unknown: Chris Cooley hasn’t caught a pass since returning to the Redskins two months ago. Here’s the breakdown (snap counts via Pro Football Focus via CSN Washington):

— 7 games
— 79 snaps*
— 2 targets
— 0 catches

That’s kind of odd for the most prolific pass-catching tight end in franchise history, no? Meanwhile, Logan Paulsen and Niles Paul aren’t really tearing it up, either. They’ve combined for 30 catches and 424 yards on the season. Or, about what Cooley used to do in two months.

* That’s the rough equivalent of a full game, so you know.

4 thoughts on “Chris Cooley, Blocking Tight End?”

  1. Too bad to see how he is being used since they brought him back … would like to see him have a few more chances with the ball.

  2. They have very rarely used TEs in the last few games with TEs being the last in the check down. Logan Paulsen’s screw ups haven’t helped.

  3. I still have a very hard time believing either Paulsen or Paul are better than Cooley in any area. Then again, tough to argue with the Shannys since they watch them in practice every day. That ’11 injury must have taken a hell of a toll.

  4. I’ve been wondering this myself. Theory: Cooley doesn’t have the footspeed the Shanahans want/need from their TEs in their system. He’s kind of a clunker at this point.

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