DMV: Baltimore’s Batman Banned And Jailed For Super-Streaking

Batfan, banned from O’s/Ravens games, is going to jail (briefly). [Sun]

O’s sign three Dan Duquette specials/minor leaguers. [O’s Insider]

Top 10 Nats prospects of ’13 are led by Rendon. [Baseball America]

Kirk Cousins got a buzz cut and it’s hilarious. [USA TODAY Sports]

RGIII practiced fully, you know. Sunday status TBD, though. [The Insider]

RGIII is trademarking everything except for “show up, show out.” [Bog]

Sorry-ass Rob Parker apologizes for his RGIII comments. [The Big Lead]

NFL fined RGIII $10k for wearing adidas. Chill out, NFL. [The Insider]

Jerry Jones doesn’t think the Dallas game will be flexed to SNF. [Bog]

Wiz lose at Orlando without Bradley Beal, falling to 3-20. [WaPo]

The Caps broadcast team is covering local hockey. Why not? [WaPo]

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