DMV: Cleveland Fans Suck While Redskins Win Fifth Straight

Ugly incident in Cleveland with London Fletcher’s family yesterday. [WaPo]

London talks about incident; security made the fight worse. [Bog]

Look back at 38-21 Skins win over Browns with Christmas Story GIFs. [HH]

If playoffs started today, Skins would host a game. Read that again. [PFT]

Everyone’s happy w/ win, but RGIII wasnt happy on being inactive. [WaPo]

Ten observations for Skins fifth-straight win over Cleveland. [Wash. Exam.]

Looks like good odds Skins-Cowboys on 12/30 gets flexed. Yes please. [RR]

Even ESPN folks are embarrassed about bottom-feeding at First Take. [SI]

9 thoughts on “DMV: Cleveland Fans Suck While Redskins Win Fifth Straight”

  1. Sure, sad that he’s gone after being one of the longest-tenured members of the team.

    But hilarious in that he’s among the most hated players in baseball by Phillies fans, and now he’s their #5 starter.

  2. On Monday Night Countdown Chris Carter just said that the Redskins will win the division due to their stellar defensive secondary.

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