14 thoughts on “That Insane Rob Parker-RGIII Video Everyone’s Talking About”

  1. I’m not sure what exactly the “cause” is, but I’m pretty sure RGIII does a lot more good than bad for whatever misguided, negative perceptions there may be of black athletes. And Stephen A’s reaction at the end is probably the best part.

  2. Why is this even being questioned? He’s not a real brother? Why? What defines a brother? I guess Rob Parker is mad that RGIII is black and is actually good at a position black people aren’t supposed to exceed at? Jesus Christ.

  3. Oh god that was terrible. To be fair he was on a show with Stephen A and Skip, and may have been trying to step up his “foot in mouth” game.

  4. Yeah, Robby’s comments aren’t racist, separatist, or segregationist in nature at all.

    I usually don’t react to this stuff, but I’m getting fired up because he’s attacking and questioning my franchise quarterback (who couldn’t act more professional or politically-correct). When will society realize that skin color (like gender, disabilities, weight, etc) should not change a person’s goals or how they are accepted in society?

    Stephen A is right; this is the kind of crap that keeps pulling society and culture back. We have to move beyond.

    And to lower myself to Parker’s level: the U.S. Census claims whites will be a minority by 2042. I wonder what Parker is going to do for a job then?

  5. If you say something that renders Skip Bayless nearly speechless and Stephen A. “uncomfortable” you know you said some stupid shit.

    Whatever. I suggest you all check out Rob Parker’s wiki page which has been hilariously updated already. Sample: “Currently Parker serves as a professional race assessor specializing in “Blackness” assessments for ESPN.” and “Rob “Don’t Call Me Cornball” Parker (born January 18, 1964) is an American sports “columnist”

  6. I hope that this continues to get attention, he needs to be fired. Both him and the producers for ESPN that knowingly aired it and rebroadcasted it later that evening as “the best of…”.

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