DMV: James Harden Pours Salt

Wizards fall to 3-15 with loss at Houston. James Harden scored 31. [WaPo]

All the scenarios in which the Wiz didn’t trade for Harden. [Bullets Forever]

John Wall is having his knee reexamined tomorrow. Yay. [Chris Broussard]

Phil Simms addresses the fact his son has a Kyle Shanahan tattoo. [Bog]

RGIII practiced some yesterday, says his knee is improving. [The Insider]

Forbath: Skins aren’t trying to get touchbacks. Fire Danny Smith. [Bog]

Alfred Morris wins the Redskins writing-letters-to-Santa game. [Bog]

Maryland almost doubles up on Monmouth, 71-38. [Testudo Times]

3 thoughts on “DMV: James Harden Pours Salt”

  1. Kirk Cousins: Is he the most early 90’s quarterback in the NFL? Definitely. Let me give two reasons why: 1) He wears a turtleneck under his pads, it does not appear to be a tight fitting dryfit either; 2) His spike after the two point conversion was as white as Mark Madsen dancing. It was the best spike of the season, perfect form, looked just like the guy on tecmo bowl.

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