Video of Bryce Harper Pitching

Bryce Harper made one relief pitching appearance as a 17-year-old during his season at Southern Nevada, and here’s video to prove it (via Nats Blog*):

It’s interesting to see Harper on the hill, especially since SI introduced him to the world in a profile that included this line:

As a catcher he picks off runners from his knees, and when he pitches, he throws a fastball that has been clocked at 96 mph.

I’d also never seen a pitcher with Ultimate Warrior-style eye black before.

Though the vantage point of the video doesn’t give us the center-field view, we can at least see his delivery, which I’d describe as “violent” and/or “max effort.” It looks like a guy who throws 96 but isn’t long for moundwork. It’s still fun to look at, though.

(Capital Games posted this previously. Sorry for not catching it then.)

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