Skins-Ravens Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Today, a 31-28 win over Baltimore.


Kirk Cousins — Came in under dire circumstances and responded beautifully, getting the game-tying TD plus two-pointer. Nice draft pick, Big Shanny!

Li’l Shanny — 31 more points with a good balance of run and pass, and he gets credit for closing it out with Cousins. Bonus stat: They gained 186 yards in the first quarter, more than any NFL team in any game this season.

Richard Crawford — Replaced Brandon Banks on punt returns and averaged 33 per, including a 64-yarder in OT that was the de facto game-winner. This should be a Wally Pipp-type situation.

Pierre Garcon — 87 yards and a TD. The guy is electric, though he did drop what would’ve been a big first down.

Rob Jackson — Beat Michael Oher for a strip and recovery when they really needed it.

Kai Forbath — Good from 48, good from 49 and good in overtime. Needs to work on those kickoffs, though.

London Fletcher — Was Johnny on the Spot for that fourth-quarter INT.

Lorenzo Alexander — Brought the wood in the fourth quarter.

Jordan Pugh — That blindside safety blitz sack was a beaut.

Josh Morgan — Caught his first TD as a Redskin on the opening drive. Also had a nice catch-and-refusal to go down all the way to the 1.

Ryan Kerrigan — No sacks, but did hurry Flacco into throwing a pick on one occasion and missing a sure TD on another.

Perry Riley — 15 tackles.

Leonard Hankerson — Nice of him to show up. Caught four for 67, including a big first down on a 3rd-and-6.


Robert Griffin III — He wasn’t having his finest day, but it was at least winner/medium-level until he was knocked out of the game and possibly the season with what the Redskins are calling a “sprain.” Hold your breath.

Update: An MRI showed it’s “just” a sprain. More info tomorrow.

DeAngelo Hall — Gave up not one but two TDs to Anquan Boldin. Drew a 15-yard penalty for hitting Torrey Smith high and late. Topped it off by riding Boldin down the sideline for 20-plus yards. PSGO.

Madieu Williams — Assisted Hall on Boldin’s TDs. Also was on the receiving end of a highly effective stiffarm from Ray Rice.

Niles Paul — Replaced Brandon Banks on kickoff returns and out-Brandon Banks’d Brandon Banks, returning one out of the end zone to the 16 and coughing up a fumble that was thankfully recovered out of bounds. Also dropped a ~20-yard pass from RGIII. Quite a day.

Santana Moss — RGIII threw one about 60 yards right off of Moss’ shoulderpad.

FedEx Field — The turf sucks and the fans let Baltimore run no-huddle.

Me — I was watching the game on delay via DirecTV + Sunday Ticket + DVR, and for some reason it went black as the Skins were driving in the final minute, down eight. By the time I gave up on retrieving the lost broadcast, Baltimore had it in overtime. Would like to have seen what occurred.


Alfred Morris — 122 and a TD, but coughed up a fumble that led to seven.

Marv Albert and Rich Gannon — I prefer CBS to FOX, and I’m a Marv fan, but it was hard to tell what was going on out there. Some examples: Gannon called Morris “well-rested.” Marv called an easy Baltimore first down “short” and a three-yard Morris loss a “two-yard pickup.”

(Images taken with love from @recordsandradio and @buzzfeedsports.)

23 thoughts on “Skins-Ravens Winners & Losers”

  1. Logan Paulsen is a loser. I think he had two more penalties today, and if the second (a false start in the second half) was called on a receiver other than him, he moved early too. Pretty confident that’s the third straight game he’s had multiple penalties.

    Sav Rocca is a winner for those big punts from the endzone in the fourth quarter.

    Is there any merit to the idea of replacing Banks with a kicker who specializes in booting the ball out of the back of the endzone? Keeping Forbath for FGs, of course, because he’s $$$$$$$.

  2. When the Ravens scored to make it 27-20, should have gone for 2 to go up 9. If they fail, their up 7 and Skins kick PAT, if they get it, up 2 scores and game is over. I know this is aggressive but you have the chance to put it away and should go for it.

  3. Also called him RJ3 multiple times, and he and gannon were wrong on at least 70% of their calls and offered zero insight or analysis. All Sunday announcers and network studio crews are terrible.

  4. lil’ Shanny has been looking extremely good lately.

    not sure how you throw RGIII in the “losers” considering he played pretty well and the injury wasn’t exactly his fault – he tried to get down. i was more disappointed that his football IQ is so high yet he still continues to get clear intentional grounding penalties.

    early reports appear ease some of the concern on the severity of RGIII’s injury. the Browns have been playing much better lately – and given the offensive scheme has been tailored to RGIII for 14 weeks – i’m not convinces Cousins can win us that game.


  5. I just want to praise Kai one more time.His two FGs in the 2nd half salvaged those drives and kept hope alive. Previous kickers would have shanked at least one of those.

    He’s going to miss a kick one of these days but we all need to remember this streak and give him the benefit of the doubt when he hits a cold spell. He’s the kicker of the future for the Skins, and we need to turn the Kicker Carousel off.

  6. RG3PO. The man is a machine. I haven’t felt this good this late in a season in a long time. I haven’t felt this good about the future of my team in even longer.

    Winner: My daughter who called the Ravens the “Raisins” because according to her, “they play like they’re old and wrinkly.”

    Losers: Ravens fans for being bandwagon jumpers when the ‘Skins were down and the Ravens were convenient.

  7. Thrilling win. Still worried about RG3’s knee but at least initially all appears OK.

    And as grateful as I am for this season, particularly the new offense, I still can’t quite forgive the Shannies for foisting John Beck and Rexxy on us for two years, trying to convince us they were the second coming of Montana/Young.

  8. Winner: Shanny, or whoever is responsible for getting all the rookies who are making big contributions. Note to Vinny: This is why you don’t fritter away 3rd round draft picks.

  9. I agree that the field itself would fall into the Loser category, but I disagree with your disdain for the fans in the stands. Were you at the game?

    I was at the game and, personally, I felt like the fans were into the game from start to finish. Yes, some first and second downs were not exceptionally loud for the Baltimore O to deal with, but 3rd downs were electric and the 4th quarter was insanely loud.

    To top it off, the eruptions that were the TD, 2pt conversion, and OT GW field goal were right up there with the best I have ever seen and/or been a part of.

    The emotion in the stands was palpable at the end of the game. I must have hugged 20 strangers who were all about it!

    Great atmosphere yesterday! HTTR!

  10. I was back in VA listening to Sonny and Sam on the radio, since I was in the car. This is an option instead of listening to the studio crew.

  11. I was at the game, just above the field, agree with skinsaneasylum, pretty damn loud. Think maybe CBS doesn’t mike the field same way as MNF. Think CBS doesn’t really care, actually. And it was very emotional in there. Griffin down, out, oh God. Cousins in, one play. Griffin back in, oh God! Two completions to the 16. (He hasn’t gotten credit for running that last drive.) Griffin back out, Cousins in, oh God. Completion. TD. 2-point run. OT. 3-and-out. Punt return. Who is that guy? GW FG. Way crazy. Unforgettable.

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