Redskins-Ravens Predictions

Hey, let’s play Predictions! Last week’s winner is Beer, who accurately predicted Redskins-Giants. A reminder on how it works, for the uninitiated:

Our Redskins-loving “staff” makes predictions in the post, readers make predictions in the comments, and the commenter who comes closest to predicting the final score gets to make a guest post. Hip-hip!

Chris Mottram: Redskins, 23-20

This game is a complete toss-up to me, but I’m picking the Skins for a couple reasons. 1) Despite having weapons at wideout, the Ravens passing game is not all that imposing. 2) The game is at home, and the crowd was amazing last week. I’d expect the same on Sunday. We’re gonna need Kai to stay perfect; I see some very important kicks from him in this game.

Matt Terl: Ravens, 21-20

Tuesday morning, I was pretty sure the Redskins would win this one in a blowout. But my Redskins Fan Pessimism has had almost 20 years of near-constant nurturing and reinforcement. It is difficult to ignore.

JP Finlay: Redskins, 27-21

I want to go with Terl, but I’m not going to. I just don’t think the Ravens are that good. Lewis is definitely out, not eligible to return from PUP until next week, and Flacco struggles on the road.

I think there is real momentum in DC, personified by the Griffin-to-Morgan fumble TD. As sure as I am that there will be countless fights in the parking lots between drunk Ravens and Skins fans, I am confident the Skins can score on the Ravens D. It will be close, but not like the Giants game.

Andy Peden: Redskins, 27-23

Ravens are middle-of-the-road against the run this year plus Suggs and Lewis are likely out. Flacco is a slightly above-average QB but they don’t seem too aggressive in their play calling. If they don’t light up our secondary, it’s their fault for not going after us through the air. RGIII has a long TD run.

Todd Davis: Redskins, 31-23

Tempted to keep picking against them and continue to be happily wrong, but honestly starting to believe, especially in this soul-crushing running game.

Jack Kogod: Redskins, 31-24

RGIII guides the team down the field for the winning touchdown with under two minutes to play. The town loses its collective mind.

Me: Redskins, 27-17

Baltimore’s defense isn’t 100 percent, and their offense is below-average on the road, plus FedEx should be off-the-charts.

Composite prediction: Redskins, 27-21

(Hideous Redskins-Ravens fans image taken with love from the Bog.)

36 thoughts on “Redskins-Ravens Predictions”

  1. Ravens 27- 13

    Ray Rice busts at least one huge gain on a 3rd down screen, FedEx field is considerably louder for the Ravens than for the Skins.

    Skins keep it close, but the Ravens go up 27-13 with ~8 minutes left in the fourth, and the Skins offense can’t put anything together, Baltimore runs out the clock with a little over 4 minutes left.

    I swear I’ve seen this game before. This is why we can’t have nice things ya’ll.

  2. Baltimore 24

    I’m not happy about that choice, but I’m just too skeptical of the prospects of the defense shutting down a real team two week in a row, even at home.

    By the way, the Sports on Earth preview of the game has an outstanding first graf.

  3. I fear this might be the game RG3 gets injured and taken out for more than one game. Just afraid he’ll do whatever it takes to try to win it and get hurt in the process.

    Ravens 27
    Skins 23

  4. one hot team, one cold team. glad we’re playing this game in the second half of the season.

    skins 31, ravens 18

    darrel young TD sighting and defense continues bend-don’t-break approach.

  5. 16-10 Skins

    They make us sweat out another one and continue to tease us with playoff hopes. Even with his fifth int RGIII finds a way to win and Kai proves he’s this years third most valuable player (RGIII and Natty Mo).

  6. Ravens 23
    Skins 10

    Skins continue to struggle outside of division. Defense can’t get off the field (Haslett!). Offense struggles on 3rd down. Work is hell for me in Baltimore.

  7. Skins 31
    Purple Camo 24

    RGesus, as my Ravens loving co-worker calls him, goes off on this suspect defense. Flacco with the pick to one of our scrub dbs to seal it. In true Ravens fashion Rice doesn’t get enough touches and has to watch Morris put up another 100+ from the sidelines.

  8. Redskins 20
    Ravens 17

    My pessimism is yelling loudly at me for making such a prediction but after 3 division wins in a row, the kool-aid is tasting pretty damn good.

  9. Once again the D bends but does not break. Kobra Kai remains perfect and the D ends up with a few turnovers.
    Redskins 24
    Ravens 16

  10. 27-17 Redskins. Ravens D not nearly as good as previous years. Cam Cameron loves to forget to run the ball and calling Flacco inconsistent is like calling Manning or Brady elite.

  11. Redskins – 33
    Ravens – 24

    Secondary is going to get torched and will give up 1 big play to Torrey Smith. And by secondary i mean either Wilson or Hall.

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