DMV: Meanwhile, In Kansas

That’s Adam LaRoche, the Duck Dynasty bro and friend. [Nats Enquirer]

Bryce Harper and RGIII bonded on Twitter over this Photoshop. [Bog]

Wow, RG3Woman is a really impressive superhero/fan. Dig. [Bog]

RGIII’s grandma, RG3-G, watches the Skins from in Richmond. [Bog]

Footage of Gilbert Arenas playing in China before getting hurt. [TAI]

This 1970 World Series O’s program is so gangster. [It’s a Long Season]

This parody of Leonsis’ blog is next-level Ted tweaking. [Fred’s Take]

Sorry, Harry Reid. WaPo’s Sports section is damn good. [Bog, DCist]

A metered paywall may come to the Post in 2013. [Wall Street Journal]

A glowing profile of Chris’s employer, D.C.-based Vox Media. [Forbes]

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