DMV: RGIII Better Than We Knew

Math shows RGIII is 3rd-best QB despite O-line being 5th-worst. [The Insider]

RGIII’s stuff is headed to the HOF for breaking a minor record. [The Insider]

If you hadn’t seen the above Photoshop, now you have. [Redskins Watch]

Rookie tackle Tom Compton moved to 53-man. Good sign. [The Insider]

John Harbaugh wants you to like the Ravens. Good luck with that. [Bog]

Sean Burnett gets two years, $9.5 million from the Angels. [Nats Journal]

Bryce Harper won’t play in WBC, is saving himself for Nats. [Nats Journal]

O’s bringing Nate McLouth back for one year, $2 million. [Camden Chat]

Trevor Ariza is going on the shelf for awhile. Oh well. [Bullets Forever]

Michael Jenkins should be a rich and famous sports broadcaster. [Bog]

Maryland and JMU both beat winless opponents. [Testudo, JMU Sports Blog]

Guys from Bardo/Dremo’s are opening a brewpub in D.C. [Young & Hungry]

6 thoughts on “DMV: RGIII Better Than We Knew”

  1. I can’t like the Ravens, I don’t own any camo or anything hunter orange, I have all of my teeth, I made it past the 8th grade and I don’t live in a trailer park with a name like Sparkling Meadows. But if any of the above were true, I would be a diehard Ravens fan.

  2. If you are a Washingtonian, liking the Ravens is more respectable than liking the Orioles. I am ambivalent about the Ravens though, other than I’m glad there Baltimore has the NFL. They should have never been without it.

  3. As a Skins fan living in Baltimore, the Ravens (and their fans) are best described like Cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon movies. They hate the Redskins as much as we dont care about them.

    Good for the O’s for resigning McClouth, he was great in the playoffs and a class act all season.

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