DMV: Wizards Take Down LeBron, Heat

With RGIII sitting courtside, Wizards stun the Heat 105-101. [USAT]

RGIII said he would like to convert LeBron to a Redskins fan. [CSNW]

LeBron says no thanks to Redskins fandom, but is a fan of RGIII. [TAI]

Martell Webster does not appreciate all the bandwagon Heat fans. [BF]

A look at Twitter in afterglow of the Wiz win and RGIII mania. [CSNW]

Just when Skins D was improving, Ced Griffin suspended 4 games. [WE]

Also, don’t look now, but DeAngelo Hall is using crutches.  [The Insider]

Better news: Three GIFs from Monday’s Skins win over the Giants. [HH]

Nats sign SP Dan Haren from Anaheim to take over No. 5 spot. [Yahoo]

Davey, Rizzo like Haren, which is good, since they signed him. [Nats Enq.]

Boz tells us Nats made the smart move with D. Span and D. Haren. [WaPo]

Hoyas dominate a bad Texas team in NYC as part of Jimmy V Classic. [CH]

George Mason rides out an 11-point win over UMBC. [WaPo]

Another look at depressing story that sent UMD sports to poor house. [SBJ]

Big legal win for Uber in DC and should help service expand. [DCist]

9 thoughts on “DMV: Wizards Take Down LeBron, Heat”

  1. Thanks for the Mason link, though I don’t suppose any schools that are actually in the District of Columbia played any games yesterday, right? Must not’ve or you’d have linked it.

  2. JP I believe Max must have been referring to a UDC Firebirds game last night. He’s upset, and frankly we all are, at the lack of attention MI pays to the Firebirds.

  3. Damn this site’s comment system and its failure to recognize common smiley characters.

    I do not refer to Georgetown, as their campus is not part of DC and is actually an enclave of Vatican City.

    I also do not refer to UDC here, though I would appreciate more coverage of local D-II and D-III schools, as well as high schools. I have tons of great jokes about Whitman. There is no need to cover community college athletics, however, though I’ll make an exception for Mason.

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