DMV: Skins ‘Showed Up, Showed Out’ Against ‘Those Mother——-‘

We haven’t done Winners & Losers yet but these should do. [Bog, Keim, Keim]

Snyder on the Giants: “I hate those motherfuckers.” [USA TODAY Sports]

RGIII: “Fans showed up and showed out. So we returned the favor!” [@rgiii]

RGIII’s fumble/option TD to Josh Morgan was a lucky/big play. [The Insider]

Alfred Morris is the first 1,000-yard Skins back since Portis. [The Insider]

Skins had all sorts of firsts/”first time since” happenings. [Capital Games]

Nats sign Duke, Bray to replace Gorzelanny, possible Burnett. [Nats Journal]

Looking at the Adam LaRoche market, which includes B’more. [Nats Insider]

Chill out if you thought Ovechkin wasn’t returning to the NHL. [Puck Daddy]

How Otto Porter become one of the best players in America. [USAT Sports]

(Image taken with love from the most excellent @recordsandradio.)

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