Redskins-Giants Predictions

Hey, let’s play Predictions! Last week’s winner is illformula, who accurately predicted Redskins-Cowboys. A reminder on how it works, for the uninitiated:

Our Redskins-loving “staff” makes predictions in the post, readers make predictions in the comments, and the commenter who comes closest to predicting the final score gets to make a guest post. Hip-hip!

Chris Mottram: Giants, 28-24

While I so desperately want to believe the Skins will win this game, it’s tough to find one reason, on paper, why they will. BUT THE GAMES AREN’T PLAYED ON PAPER, you say. And you’re right. Washington certainly has a chance — the last match-up proved as much. But I see them falling just short in typical, painful fashion.

Matt Terl: Giants, 28-24

I WANT to believe everything is different and the old rules don’t matter anymore, but I’m not quite there yet. Basically, important MNF games still terrify me

JP Finlay: Redskins, 31-27

Lets keep this ride moving. Giants looked like the best in the world last week, so lets hope for a bit of a letdown this week. Redskins defense has hit much better since the bye. Giants wideouts can drop passes. RG3 gets it done.

Andy Peden: Giants, 23-18

The last two weeks have been way too enjoyable. I know, as a life long D.C. sports fan, that it doesn’t last for long.

Todd Davis: Giants, 31-30

What Andy said.

Jack Kogod: Redskins, 27-24

All hail Kai Forbath!

Me: Redskins, 27-23

I’m just really looking forward to an evening with Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden and ESPN’s NFL Countdown crew.

Composite prediction: A STATISTICAL TIE! 26-26.

33 thoughts on “Redskins-Giants Predictions”

  1. Fugazi: 38

    The Ramones: 31

    But that’s the same score from last week, you say; Unpossible! But it does happen, and then you play 3831 in the DC pick 4 and win enough money to finally buy grandma an actual Christmas gift instead of just giving her a homemade card.

  2. Giants-31 Redskins-17

    I’m used to getting a Cleveland Steamer on my soul when my DC sports teams need to win, so why should tonight be any different.

    Side prediction- Gruden says “this guy” 8,000 times.

  3. With RGIII, all things are possible. Skins come out flat and look ready to get blown out. RGIII does his thing in the second half.

    Skins 33
    NYG 27

    For all the “watch out when NY gets it going in November” rhetoric, remember they’ve also flamed out in those non-Super Bowl winning years.

  4. Skins 27
    Giants 23

    Eli throws a pick in the end zone sometime in the final minute to seal a skins win. We will then get to see that stupid face he likes to make when he just CAN’T believe he threw a pick. Bonus view of Coughlin with hands on hips staring in disbelief as well.

  5. Skins 34
    Giants 31

    Make it happen capn.

    Despite the outcome tonight, I still thoroughly enjoyed rooting for our wildcard contenders to lose yesterday. But the Bears blew it and the Eagles blew it. So this is now our chance.

  6. Giants 42
    Redskins 27

    A well rested Eli torches a confused, inept and passionless Redskins secondary due for giving us another soul crushing loss.

  7. Good thing the Giants got their requisite good performance out of the way last week. I expect them to lay a giant turd tonight and make us look deceivingly good. We all know the drill by now. The bad part is that by making us look good, they jumpstart the annual Skins cycle of suck and we’ll close out the season strong (maybe even sneak into the playoffs). Then Dan Sny will do Dan Sny things thinking we’re ONE PLAYER AWAY ™ and the rest will be history.

    The Giants – setting us up for the long con, always.

    Skins – 34
    Giants – 23

  8. Giants 41-21
    Game starts the same way the last MNF game at FedEx did with an opening play TD bomb that sets the tone for a terrible evening.

  9. JimEd style prediction:

    Well educated, recession proof half smoke eaters 28
    Loud mouthed, Borgata poker room assholes 24

    And a shout out to everyone who gave my guest post props…thanks.

  10. “Eli Manning face” will be plentiful tonight and the Skins play inspired football to the tune of a 28-24 win.

  11. Skins 34
    Giants 31

    Kai wins it for us.
    Morris has a career game.
    I get fired for not turning up to work tomorrow due to sleeping in. (live in the UK, game does not start till 1:30 am)

  12. Skins – 35
    Gmen – 41

    Pierre Garcon has a 75 yard catch and run, then his foot falls off.

    Banks fumbles a punt, turns into the winning score for the Gmen. Danny Smith does not get fired.

  13. no one predicted a low-scoring, defensive battle decided by efficient qbs with surgical precision, eh? in retrospect, i regret not posting my pre-game prediction to my mates that the skins will score their first TD off of a triple option fumble/lateral.

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