DMV: Redskins Playoff Season Begins Tonight

After a week of anticipation, Redskins vs. Giants has arrived. [Hogs Haven]

A look at NFC playoff race, and just how important tonight is for Skins. [GL]

Alfred Morris gives famed 1991 Mazda winter off for conditioning. [Bog]

Something on RGIII & Tom Cruise, more important, KD> Lebron. [Bog]

Led by Dez Wells, Maryland beats George Mason in sloppy game. [TT]

Virginia Tech heading to bowl game in Orlando to play Rutgers. [WaPo]

Throughout MLB, plenty of eyes on Nats to see what’s next. [WT]

Could Zack Greinke really be heading to Nats? [Nats Enquirer]

Whatever is happening to Brooklyn Nets website is pretty funny. [DS]

Looking back on the incredible catalog and career of Led Zeppelin. [WaPo]

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