Alex Len Won’t Be A Terp For Long

I’ve been excited about the 2012-13 version of Alex Len since he outclassed Kentucky’s bigs in the season opener, and I knew (via Draft Express and he’s shaping up to be a Lottery pick, but look at what Chad Ford wrote in today’s chat:

Eric (Maryland)

Where is Alex Len’s stock right now? Has to be climbing towards that top 7-10 range no?

Chad Ford

Been No. 5 on our Big Board since the first week of the season. Still has an outside chance at the No. 1 pick. He’s 7-1, skilled and strong. Those guys don’t come along very often. Will be watching him very closely. There is a lot to like there.

That’s pretty impressive, especially when you consider Maryland hasn’t had a guy go in the top half of the Lottery since Stevie Franchise in ’99. Lensanity!

That said, if my team drafted him that high I’d be disappointed. Len strikes me as kind of stiff, at least by pro standards. His player comparison is Kosta Koufos, after all. So you know the Wiz’ll end up taking him.

7 thoughts on “Alex Len Won’t Be A Terp For Long”

  1. If Len gets a bit more muscled I think he actually could be a legitimate NBA player. The fact is that he has made a huge jump between last year and this. No reason to say he won’t make a similar jump in years to come. I’ll believe when I see it, but the skills and potential growth are there.

  2. I’m not convinced Len leaves after this year. Obviously it’s too early to make that decision, but from what I’ve heard and read about Len doesn’t lead me to believe he’s 100% gone after the season.

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