Redskins’ Playoff Chances Nearly Doubled In Just One Week!

Last week I dumped cold water on those discussing playoffs, saying, “until the Redskins reach .500 I’d rather not fire up the playoff scenario machine.” Since then, though, Washington won at Dallas and everyone ahead of Washington in the wild card standings lost.

So, despite New York beating Green Bay to stay two games up in the NFC East, the Skins’ playoff chances jumped from 13 percent to 24 percent (via That breaks down to a 16 percent chance of winning the division vs. only an eight percent chance of a wild card.

The division route is pretty simple: Beat NY next Monday night and pick up another game or two on them in December. The wild card route is of course murkier, but the Skins’ schedule is a comparatively easy one.

Either way, the Skins need to win four of their last five to make it happen. It’s a longshot, but, after 3-6, I’ll take it.

5 thoughts on “Redskins’ Playoff Chances Nearly Doubled In Just One Week!”

  1. On the positive side: at least 3 of the games the Redskins showed up for first half were Saints/Bucs/Vikings, all fellow wild card hunters, which gives the Skins a tiebreaker edge for sure.

    On the negative side: anybody who looks at the last three games at Philly, at Cleveland, hosting Dallas and thinks “They should win all three of those games!” has not been paying attention to the Redskins the past 15 years.

  2. I read Peter King every week just so I can get mad at Peter King.

    BTW, Redskins rally at 5:30 tonight on the steps of the Richmond City Hall

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