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Hey, let’s play Predictions! Last week’s winner is Donk Donkerson, who accurately predicted the Redskins-Eagles blowout. A reminder on how it works, for the uninitiated:

Our Redskins-loving “staff” makes predictions in the post, readers make predictions in the comments, and the commenter who comes closest to predicting the final score gets to make a guest post. Hip-hip!

Chris Mottram: Cowboys, 24-17

I am going to be watching this game with my in-laws in WV who are all too eager to mock me about the Redskins. Please, god, let Washington win so I don’t lash out at my sister-in-law and make Thanksgiving super awkward for everyone. Going with Dallas, because everything is horrible and we can’t have nice things. Pass the booze. Happy holidays, everyone!

Matt Terl: Redskins, 24-23

I have no sense of what to expect from this game. The feeling of despair and imminent doom that usually fuels my picks is strangely absent, but it hasn’t been replaced by wide-eyed optimism just yet. With a full week to prepare, I think I’d actually pick the Skins to win solidly, but four days is no time at all. If we assume that this will be a hideous slog like most of this year’s Thursday games, it seems like it’ll come down to the team with the best running game and the best improvisers. And for the first time in forever, that might be the Redskins. Whatever happens, I think it’ll be a weird one.

JP Finlay: Redskins, 34-27

I feel very similar for this game as I did going into the Giants game. The Skins looked good against the Giants, and just got beat by a late Eli drive. Romo aint Eli. Skins win. RGIII impresses in the biggest game of his career. That guy can handle the bright lights of Dallas on Thanksgiving, and I think he responds with two TD by air and one on the ground. Throw in Alf Morris for a TD and a couple field goals, and Washington wins. Romo has a drive at the end to tie, but throws a pick.

Andy Peden: Redskins, 33-31

I’m really hoping for a week of kicking the shit out of Philly then beating down the Cowboys in Dallas on national TV on Thanksgiving, but that stuff doesn’t happen to DC sports fans. RGIII has a stellar day in his return to Texas but the Skins lose on a late Romo-to-Bryant TD.

Todd Davis: Cowboys, 27-21

We all know how this Thanksgiving ends: deep in a well of misery and despair filled with gluttony, bourbon and utter disappointment. Cowboys have exactly the type of athletic D-lnemen to contain RGIIIsus, and Dez Bryant is sure to remind us how we all felt about the secondary prior to the Foles-Reid oasis in the desert.

Jack Kogod: Redskins, 42-0

RGIII accounts for five touchdowns. The defense forces multiple turnovers. Brandon Banks gets replaced as the kick returner. Troy Aikman loses his voice. Jerry Jones comes down on the field and makes Tony Romo cry. The turkey doesn’t get overcooked. My dad makes me an extra batch of oyster stuffing. World peace is declared. Redskins win 42-0. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Me: Cowboys, 23-21

These teams are too close and Romo is too good on Thanksgiving to expect victory. I’ll probably be sleeping by the second half anyway.

Composite prediction: Redskins, 27-22

29 thoughts on “Redskins-Cowboys Predictions”

  1. Redskins 27-16
    DHall does his praise jesus INT celebration on the star; Bobby Threesticks continues his big games in Texas tradition; Romo blames everyone around him for his failings.

  2. Redskins- 31
    Cowboys – 17

    Kerrigan with a stunt blitz up the middle and slams Tony Romo’s head against the Cowboy Stadium turf. Romo is concussed and seen crying on the sidelines late in the 3rd quarter.

    {Enter Gary Hogeboom, sorry I mean Kyle Orton}

    Kyle Orton tries a screen pass in the middle of 4th quarter but it’s tipped up in the air by Kerrigan and lands in the arms of Jarvis Jenkins. Jenkins scores touchdown to seal the victory.

    Wham Bam It’s the Redskins!

  3. Can not contain my excitement for this game. Dallas on Thanksgiving is something we can ALL be thankful for this year!

    Kerrigan gets another strip sack on Romo and the front 7 in general generate similar pressure against a weak OLine like they did against Philly.

    Two of RG3s best games have come against NFCE opponents…I predict his biggest (hard to imagine) game will be tomorrow under the National spotlight back in Texas where he grew up. I am giddy about this one. Two Tds on the ground and 3 through the air. Paulson grabs two TDs from inside the redzone and Robinson gets loose on a broken play deep. Morris cleans things up on the ground with over 100 yards and 1 score. Forbath stays perfect. KOBRA KAI!!!

    Skins continue their push for the NFCE Crown with a National eye opening win.

    Skins 34 Cowgirls 20

  4. I feel strangely confident going into this game. In fact, it’s exactly the kind of game I’ve typically dreaded until this year.

    I guess having a great QB helps … a lot.

    In RGIII we trust.

    Skins 31-Pokes 21.

  5. Redskins: 28
    Cowboys: 24

    I am so, so cised for this game. If anyone so much as looks like they’re going to interrupt my watching of this game, I’ll hurl drumsticks at them. Please, please, please let me have a Redskins win as I watch from my bro-in-law’s Raven-den in Baltimore.

  6. Since Discocullen beat me to the right prediction, I change mine to:

    Redskins: 31
    Cowboys: 24.

    Gave Kai a field goal, and therefore put my fantasy team up 3 pts to boot.

  7. Urbane East Coast Power Center – 28

    Gauche Nouveau Riche Dumphole – 13

    Santana has one more vintage Dallas performance in him, goes for 110 with a 50+ yard TD, helps me recreate monday night miracle in my fantasy matchup, reps Sean Taylor in the middle of the Star.

  8. Stick with what works…

    Skins 31
    Cowboys 10

    Dream Thanksgiving:
    1. Go fishing in morning…catch giant Rockfish
    2. Watch Skins thump Dallas
    3. Pass out drunk before family fights begin

  9. Beerskins – 27
    Cowgirls – 22
    All I’m asking for Christmas is for Jerry Jones to take a loss on Thanksgiving. Let’s all remember that the the hoodlums from Arlington Lite squeaked by the Browns rookie QB last weekend only putting up 23 in OT. I also like the momentum coming off our Philly beat down and I really think we can…who am I kidding? We can’t have nice things.

  10. Skins 27
    Other team 14

    Run shop all day with Romo getting a junk TD at the end.

    Dez Bryant gets tossed too because he is the only one that will listen to D-Hall today.

  11. 17-14 ‘skins
    Either an ending FG to win it for the skins or an ending fail-to-tie-it FG miss for them. Either way, silver and blue tears

  12. skinsaneasylum Says: November21st, 2012at 1:21PM

    Two Tds onthe ground = 12 points
    and 3 through the air = 18
    Morris with over 100 yards and 1 score =6 points
    Forbath stays perfect = 6 extra points

    Skins 34Cowgirls 20

    I say typical Redskins fans get so excited they forget how to add. 12+18+6+6=42

    Good job. I think this person should get to write a post so they can redeem themseles of the stupidness
    Redskins win this game 27 -24 then shit the bed the rest of the way.

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