DMV: Otto Porter Is a Beast

Otto Porter and the Hoyas almost knocked off No. 1 Indiana. [WaPo]

Could Georgetown fit in a new, revamped ACC? [Casual Hoya]

Maryland outlasted Lafayette in high-scoring affair. [Wash. Times]

Some question the legality of MD’s move to the Big Ten. [WaPo]

Really interesting look at Big Ten expansion and college football. [GL]

A 5’10” guard scored 138 pts in a D-III game. Took 108 shots! [USAT]

Hokies AD comments on SEC rumors and speculation. [Daily Press]

London Fletcher’s consecutive game streak could be in danger. [CSNW]

A guide to a very Redskins-Cowboys Thanksgiving. [Capital Comment]

Don’t worry, guys: Jerry and Danny’s friendship helps Skins-Boys. [Bog]

Chris Cooley may need your beer. [Fatpickled]

Weird story where D. Hall confronts WaPo reporter. [Hogs Haven]

Randy Wittman needs to cool it with the crazy rotations. [BF]

Wittman says he might be dumb, we’re pretty sure he’s kidding. [Bog]

Bryce Harper and his girlfriend are good athletes. [Nats Enquirer]

O’s trade 2B Robert Andino to Seattle for outfield prospect. [Balt. Sun]

Behind the curtain look at PTI via leaked audio files. [Deadspin]

Travel safe today folks. Enjoy tonight.

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