About The Redskins And Playoffs

I would spend time gathering examples of and links to people — players, coaches, media and fans — talking about the Redskins making the playoffs, but it’s so ubiquitous I don’t have to. So I’ll just say this:

— The 4-6 Redskins need to go 5-1 just to reach the nine-win threshold.

— Only 38 percent of the last 40 nine-win teams have made the playoffs.*

— Ten NFC teams have better records, and only three have worse records.

— At 13 percent, the Skins have the NFC’s 10th-best chance at making it.**

That’s it. That’s all. Slaughtering Philly was wonderful, and beating Dallas on Thanksgiving would be double-plus wonderful, but until the Redskins actually reach .500 I’d rather not fire up the playoff scenario machine.

Because the reality is the Redskins’ playoffs started already. They started two weeks ago with the loss to Carolina, their sixth loss of the season. Washington basically can’t lose from here on out if they want to make it in.

That’s not contention that’s cooking, it’s the familiar stench of desperation.

* Stat gathered by dutiful Mr. Irrelevant Managing Editor Chris Mottram.
** I’m assuming that a site called coolstandings.com has its shit together.

3 thoughts on “About The Redskins And Playoffs”

  1. You’re right, of course…it’d be a miracle. However, looking at the NFC East standings, if the Skins win in Dallas, then beat the Giants on Monday night, we’d either be a game behind the Giants or tied (depending on Giants vs Packers Sunday)….Not gonna happen though.

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