75 thoughts on “Redskins-Eagles Open Thread”

  1. They’re starting a rookie from Purdue against Ryan Kerrigan from Purdue. I’d like to hear some of the trash talk down there.

  2. Has Haslett never watched the Eagles under Reid? 90% of their offense are screen plays. Maybe should have game planned for that a little, no?

  3. Screen passes are not runs. They are not handoffs or tosses. It usually requires multiple linemen to pull well outside the hashmark. In fact, they are quite different from runs.

  4. @deepvalue: good job with the gif. i sat there for 2 minutes starting at it hypnotized… wondering to myself what would have happened if he connected. would the O-Line just beat the shit out of DRC right then and there? or would they wait outside his hotel room?

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