Should Maryland Join the Big Ten?

Rumors are swirling about Maryland joining the Big Ten.

Word is there are serious negotiations for Maryland, a charter member of the ACC, to exit the basketball-centric conference and join the Midwest-centric Big Ten. Geographically Maryland playing Iowa doesn’t make a lot of sense, but financially the B1G offers a lot of cash.

If this thing happens, dollars will be the driver. But there are other reasons too. It’s too early to know, but most Terps fans do not like the idea. Expect much more on this as it unfolds.

One thing we know for sure: Legends and Leaders are the two worst conference division names in history. If Maryland does join the Big Ten, maybe the Terps can demand that be changed.

16 thoughts on “Should Maryland Join the Big Ten?”

  1. As a certified UMD hater, I welcome this move with open arms. I can’t wait to see 2-8 Maryland Play 1-9 Illinois on a Wednesday night on the B1G network.

    I know it’s a huge money grab and all, but look at how bad some of the crowds have been at Comcast this year, and just imagine how bad they’ll look against Penn State and Northwestern instead of Duke and UNC.

  2. The ACC as we know it (and as everybody who is speaking out against the move knows it) doesn’t exist anymore. Period. The home-and-home against UNC is already gone. The home-and-home against Duke is gone after this year. Our guaranteed home game is against Pitt. Where’s the tradition there?

    Look, I love the idea of holding onto traditions, but to turn down the massive Big Ten money just to avoid change, especially when the landscape could change much more for the worse in a couple years, is dumb.

  3. If Maryland stayed in the ACC, it’d be like a Nationals fan rooting for the Orioles again: Paying fealty to an organization that has done nothing but try to dick you over.

    We’ll see if Maryland has more sense than certain so-called DC sports fans.

  4. I am a major terp fan and Terrapin Club member. I am in favor of this move. The only reason people are opposed is due to tradition. Well tradition fucking left the station when ACC admitted BC, Miami and Virginia Tech. And it certainly left the fucking planet when we admitted Syracuse and Pitt. And the ACC basically gave us the “leave town now” card when they picked Pitt as our “rival” and took away home-and-homes with UNC and Duke. The ACC has disrespected Maryland forever. It’s a Carolina centric conference with a clear hierarchy. Maryland is not in that hierarchy. If Maryland leaves, we get more money, a better academic consortium, and clear stability. This is a no brainer. Peace out ACC.

  5. As a long-time ACC fan, I don’t like the idea. But if it means I no longer have to watch Randy Edsall completely destroy the Terps AND their fan base, I could be sold on the idea pretty easily.

  6. Not sure how this has anything to do with Kevin Plank. A lot of this actually has to do with Debbie Yow leaving the athletic department in financial trouble during her tenure. But yeah, if Edsall leaves too this is way more tolerable.

  7. Hate it, but understand it.

    The ACC doesn’t exist anymore. It’s some Frankenstein Big East/A-10/ACC/Quasi-Notre Dame abortion. Conferences are a revolving door at this point and nobody should get too comfortable.

    I love playing the Carolina teams, but I don’t see any point in living in the past. If we won’t be able to play our “rival” Pitt if we move, boo fucking hoo.

    Thanks for the memories ACC, but it’s time for a divorce. I used to love you warts and all, but now you’re just a golddigging sell-out. Time to hit the bricks.

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