DMV: Comcast SportsNet Doesn’t Appear To Be Very Good At Sports

CSN reporter Tarik El-Bashir attempts 40, falls down. [Bog, RMNB, CSN]

Shaun Livingston is back, and Jannero Pargo is no more. [Bullets Forever]

Brad Beal’s first games are similar to Ray Allen’s. [Broom on the Warpath]

Pierre Garcon’s toe still hurts, and he really doesn’t want surgery. [WaPo]

DeAngelo Hall to inquiring reporters: “Back up off me, bro.” [The Insider]

Chick Hernandez’ hat looks good on Mike Shanahan, actually. [Bog]

Ruth’s Chris has a $85 Skins-themed dinner. Have fun with that. [Bog]

Adam Jones finished sixth in the MVP vote. Good for him. [O’s Insider]

It’s probably good that Maryland didn’t hire Mike Leach. [Testudo Times]

JMU has a big football game tomorrow. Here’s your preview. [JMUSB]

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