Wizards Are Still Gonna Be Shitty When Wall And Nene Come Back

The high ceiling on this Wiz team was in the 40-win range, and that was before John Wall and Nene got hurt. Now here they are at 0-7, the NBA’s last remaining winless team. Undefeated at losing!

Without Wall and Nene, the Wizards are as bad as I can remember them being, which is really bad, you know. They’re bottom-five in shooting percentage, three-point shooting percentage and free throws attempted. The leading scorer, Brad Beal, is averaging 11.3 points. That is not many points.

The thing is, Wall and Nene’s return isn’t sure to turn it around. Washington started 0-8 last season, and Wall played in those games. They’ve gone 43-105 the past two, and Wall played in 135 of those. Washington did close 6-0 last season, and Nene was around, but teams were just playing out the string. Nene isn’t that kind of difference-maker, even if he has lovely hair and a beautiful smile.

There’s not much reason for optimism beyond this year, either. Wall’s career growth has been no growth. Nene is old/injury prone. Beal is promising, but his early career highlight is getting shoved to the ground by Brandon Jennings. Jan Vesely is a hilarious bust. Kevin Seraphin has low-post scoring touch. Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza are overpaid vets. What else is there, aside from Jordan Crawford jokes?

I’ll stop, because this is sad, but let’s be clear about this season, at least: It won’t get better, not by much, and it’ll be easier if we accept this now.

7 thoughts on “Wizards Are Still Gonna Be Shitty When Wall And Nene Come Back”

  1. Okafor and Ariza have this year and next left on their contracts.

    Do you think there’s any chance they made the Ariza/Okafor trade last year to keep us bad for the next two years and then have those two huge contracts expire allowing us to get 2 more lottery picks and have some legit free agent money in 2014?

    Do we believe our management could be that diabolically evil/smart?

    I like the idea of Wall + 2 lottery picks + 2 legit vets.

  2. A 2014 with Wall + Beal + two high lottery picks + big free agent money sounds good, but that’s playing the super-long game, especially considering Wall will be going on Year 5. Also, there will be no fans left. Like, at all.

  3. @Jamie

    Good point about the fans. But I think that’s how you win in the NBA. You have to be really bad until you’re good.

    I hope they have the balls to be terrible.

    Also, generally, I think huge contracts with two years left on them are a really underrated asset in the NBA. I mean bad teams go nuts for expiring contracts. Why not wait one more year?

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