DMV: At Least Dan Snyder Isn’t Jerry Jones, You Guys

Jerry Jones will be Dallas’ GM as long as he’s Dallas’ owner. [USAT Sports]

The Nats’ BP pitcher is suing the Phillies’ GM. That’s awesome. [Nats Journal]

The secret to Ian Desmond’s ’12 success? He hit the ball far. [Fangraphs]

Sounds like the O’s are trying to extend Buck Showalter. [Jon Heyman]

Bradley Beal has been awful, but chill out a bit. [Broom on the Warpath]

The Wiz face a “must-win” game tonight, which is absurd. [Wiz Insider]

Here’s Alfred Morris dressed as Capt. America + visiting sick kids. [Bog]

Oh, and Barack Obama won easy/will be the POTUS until 2016. [WaPo]

3 thoughts on “DMV: At Least Dan Snyder Isn’t Jerry Jones, You Guys”

  1. I think Jones is a better GM than what the Skins have had the last few seasons. But Jones is more loathsome than the Danny, imo, which is weird to say.

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