DMV: John Wall And John Wall’s Booty Cheeks Met Justin Bieber!

Biebz met some Wizards before his Phone Booth concert. [Wiz, Bog, HH, BF]

Update: I didn’t even notice Bieber is on a Segway! [USAT Sports Tumblr]

Trevor Ariza, not good at basketball, hazes rookie Bradley Beal. [Bog]

Jan Vesely is really into playing sweet Guitar Hero, I guess. [Hips Hops]

Shanahan revised his postgame comments b/c people suck. [The Insider]

Shanny isn’t firing anyone over the bye, not even Danny Smith. [Insider]

Skins always seem to lose, especially when they wear throwbacks. [Bog]

Portis gushes about Mark Rypien because Tecmo Bowl. [Homer McFanboy]

What the Nats may be thinking with Edwin Jackson gone. [Nats Baseball]

One expert is predicting Josh Hamilton to the O’s. [B’more Sports Report]

Get ready for Friday’s Maryland-Kentucky game in BK. [Testudo Times]

And now Maryland’s best defender has a torn ACL. [Testudo Times]

Help me hire an a Social News Editor for USA TODAY Sports. [My Tumblr]

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