Skins-Panthers Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this one a 21-13 loss to Carolina.


Me — I spent most of this game grilling and eating seafood and pouring and drinking good beer, so it didn’t hurt like it should have. That said, there will be no other winners this week, even FroMo and the new kicker who can’t miss.


Mike Shanahan — Awesome at losing “must-win” games in early November. This one wasn’t even close, despite the Panthers entering as a one-win team and tons of Skins alumni being in the house. What an embarrassment.

The entire defense — Zero sacks. Zero turnovers. Two 90-plus-yard TD drives, 8.7 yards/pass to Cam Newton and 5.5 yards/rush to Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. Ex-App St. QB Armanti Edwards (one career NFL reception) caught an 82-yarder. Stinks on ice.

DeAngelo Hall — The refs could be blamed for the “inadvertent whistle” on Williams’ TD run, but all I saw was Hall not trying to hit the guy with the ball.

Brandon Banks — Shitty on kick returns (18.3 per), even worse on punts (-2.0 per) and worse still receiving the ball (-7 yards). I don’t know what that final play was.

Bruce Allen — The whole “homecoming” thing, which gave the Panthers extra motivation, was silly to begin with. This isn’t college. No one matriculated at Redskins University, except for maybe the brothers Allen.

(Note: The pregame huddle with Sean Taylor’s dad was cool, though.)

All of the receivers — RGIII just doesn’t have anybody to throw to.


Robert Griffin III — It wasn’t a bad game for him, but it wasn’t a good game either, and he took another pounding, hence the X-rays on his ribs.

The throwbacks — They looked good on the field, but the sideline gear was mustard-colored ugly. Plus they lost, so.

12 thoughts on “Skins-Panthers Winners & Losers”

  1. I’ve really cut back on drinking during football games, often eliminating it completely. Most of the time I’m happy with this new state of affairs; for this game, I emphatically was not.

  2. Normally I hate politics on Mr I, but comments 3 and 4 made me laugh. Not much laughter elsewhere today

    Cue the Fire Jim Haslett noise in 3, 2, 1…

  3. for some reason these losses were much easier to watch when we had a respectable defense and no offense. not sure the expectations were (or ever are in DC) with a rookie QB, but i support sticking with this coaching regime (minus haslett and the ST coach who shall not be named) for another couple years. we’ve seen entirely too much turnover the last decade to continue down that failed route with shanny.

    also, could probably throw paulson as the only winner. how a blocking TE is our best receiver is beyond comprehension. plus the hair is beast.

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