DMV: London Fletcher Is Falling

Advanced stats say London Fletcher isn’t good anymore. [Burgundy Blog]

A defiant D. Hall says the ref was “equally at fault.” PSGO. [The Insider]

Love the fact-checking of Mike Shanahan that occurs here. [Real Redskins]

Reminder: Skins are wearing these leatherheaded throwbacks Sunday. [TI]

Wiz lose opener at Cleveland. No one scored more than 11. [Bullets Forever]

The highlight was probably this Jan Vesely sequence. [DC Sports Nexus]

Adam LaRoche wins first Gold Glove, Ian Desmond doesn’t. [Nats Journal]

Matt Wieters, Adam Jones and J.J. Hardy win Gold Gloves. [Camden Chat]

A good first-hand account of Ovechkin’s popularity in Russia. [Y! Sports]

Nick Backstrom’s new Dynamo Moscow jersey number is 69. [RMNB]

Five ways to increase student interest in JMU football. [JMU Sports Blog]

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