2013 Nats, O’s World Series Odds

In 2012, the Nats had the best record in baseball and made it to the divisional playoff round. Shockingly, the Orioles also made it to the divisional round after posting baseball’s seventh-best record.

In 2013, here’s how their World Series championship odds look as of right now, according to Pregame.com (via USA TODAY Sports):

— The Nats are at 13-1 (second-best in the NL, tied for fifth overall).

— The O’s are at 25-1 (seventh-best in the AL, tied for 14th overall).

Notable here is that NL East mates Philly and Atlanta join the Nats in the top 10 and that the O’s have the fourth-best odds in the AL East. Place your bets.

(Cartoon image taken with love from the Baltimore Sun.)

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