Redskins-Giants Open Thread

That, via the Redskins’ Instagram account, is a Robert Griffin III tattoo, among many, many other Redskins- and animal-themed tattoos. More specifically, it’s a Griffining tattoo, which is a bold statement, though perhaps not so bold as a Joe Theismann tattoo.

And this is your open thread for the Redskins’ first NFC East game of the 2012 season. It’s kind of a big one.

Kickoff: 1 p.m. ET
Line: Redskins +6

177 thoughts on “Redskins-Giants Open Thread”

  1. I am very worried about our D going forward. We don’t have any cap room cause goodell retroactively punished the team for a totally legal move, and our only good players are an aging middle linebacker, an injury-prone OLB, and another young OLB.

  2. It’s not necessarily the secondary’s fault that we don’t drop safeties on that play, but I agree they were generally awful today. Haslett is the bigger loser. I haven’t seen D this bad since the worst of the Norval era.

  3. mike bradley is not to blame for jim haslett and madieu willaims’ shortcomings. he’s clearly just not been watching washington sports that long.

  4. I agree it’s not his fault. Still a loser for not knowing better. This is the Internet, drewtabaga, where we are allowed to use Mike Bradley’s dumb ass as a proper straw man to troll the fuck out of. GOTTA LET THE INFINITE SADNESS BREATH SOMEHOW, preferably by not mentioning Jim Haslett. But, since I did. PSGTFO

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