Redskins-Giants Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following the Skins’ 27-23 loss in New York



Robert Griffin III — Here I was, all geared up to knock RGIII out of the winners category, and then he went street-ball magic on 4th-and-10, 28-yard run and pitch-perfect 30-yard TD pass to Moss to go up with two minutes to play. (His number’s on the day — 109 passer rating and 89 yards rushing — were wonderful too.)

Alfred Morris — Finally fumbled, on the 132nd carry of his NFL career, but also went for 120 yards on 22 carries and garnered comparisons to John Riggins from Joe Theismann. FroMo, man, he’s a modern-day Riggo.

Santana Moss — The fumble on the final drive was a killer, but we won’t see many more two-touchdown days from ‘Tana. Remember them fondly.

Kai Forbath — Three more makes for the bar golfer-turned-NFL kicker.

Logan Paulsen — Four catches for 76. That’s a big day for Logan Paulsen.

Rob Jackson — Got a big pick after RGIII’s fumble. Also picked up half a sack.

Mike Shanahan — I love the Skins repeatedly going for it on fourth down all the time, probably because they’ve converted pretty much every time.


Fred DavisOut for the year with a torn Achilles. Oof. Fire up the Chris Cooley rejuvenation machine!

The referees — Wiped out Josh Morgan’s TD with a marginal illegal shift call on Davis. Wiped out FroMo’s big gainer with a phantom leg whip call on Tyler Polumbus. Both cost the Skins big.

London Fletcher — Didn’t look good early, especially when attempting to tackle Ahmad Bradshaw, and was out with a hamstring late. Get right, LFB.

Josh Wilson and Madieu Williams — Still don’t know how they let Victor Cruz get loose for the 77-yard game-losing TD.

Ryan Kerrigan — Not sure I heard his name all day, other than when he false started to give a NY drive new life.

DeAngelo Hall — Picked up a late hit penalty. Generally acted like himself.

Troy Aikman — Called Reed Doughty a “big run defender” and DeAngelo Hall “Dante Hall.” Was also mystified by Shanahan going for it on 4th-and-3 from midfield, despite the Redskins having RGIII and a porous defense.

Joe Gibbs — Gave the Cowboys a pep talk Saturday night. Really.


Leonard Hankerson — Caught six balls for a season-high 70 yards, but also slid a yard short of the first down on a big third-and-long in the fourth quarter.

Kyle Shanahan — Loved the successful reverse to Aldrick Robinson on 3rd-and-2. Hated the stuffed TE option to Niles Paul on 3rd-and-5. So it goes.

(Santana Moss GIF taken with love from SB Nation.)

15 thoughts on “Redskins-Giants Winners & Losers”

  1. Can we create a Double Loser category, and reserve it for the entire secondary. Then a Triple Loser Category, and reserve it for DeAngelo Hall and Vinny Cerrato, who thought it would be a good idea to replace Carlos Rogers with #23. kthxbye

  2. Don’t forget that Aikman went on and on near the beginning of the game how RG3 did a lot to gain 1 yard when he actually gained 6.

    The Cruz td was all on Madieu Williams from my point of view. Terribly late break on the double coverage

  3. DOC is dead right, the Cruz TD is on Madieu Williams. Cruz did a half-assed stop-and-go move that lost Josh Wilson, but in no way should he get behind the safety with 1:13 left in the game. Or ever, really. Our DBs are so horrendous. Not sure why anyone would bother to run, when you can just throw throw throw on this team.

  4. I dont think Raheem is the problem. It doesnt matter who the db coach is, this unit will get shredded regardless without athletes at the safety position. Its a pass happy league and we have jv talent back there. Josh Wilson is the only one in the secondary that would even sniff the starting lineup for any one of the other 31 teams.

  5. Yeah Cruz beat a double team, cant blame coaches for not having DBs in a position to stop exactly what Cruz did…thats on the players for not doing what they should have.

  6. I don’t think there are many people who were sad to see carlos rogers go. Granted, we all knew he was a good corner but couldn’t catch, but let’s face it, you can’t blame him for leaving. Wasn’t that a Shanny move anyway?
    Let’s face it, the Skins are doomed b/c of a lack of depth and that’s a direct result of that BS 18M cap hit…spearheaded by the Giants.

  7. I heard Laron Landry called Fred Davis to offer advice on topical herbal remedies that cure achilles heel injuries. ZING! Fred thought he said ‘tropical’ and packed his bong with it. ZING!

  8. What is ‘Tana saying?

    I’m mesmerized and have been trying to figure it out for the past 6 hours.

    “*unitelligible* DC. Got that? What!”

    Is the best I can come up with.

  9. what’s going on Mottrams? I need a place to vent my anger. I’m sure all my facebook friends and twitter followers are getting sick of all my redskins complaints.

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