DMV: Maryland-Miami Women’s Soccer Brawl!

The lady Terps got into it with the Lady Canes last night. [The Diamondback]

The Redskins may have a new punter on Sunday, Chas Henry. [The Insider]

Pierre Garcon is a longshot to play this Sunday. Again. [The Examiner]

Catching up with Tony Robinson, ’87 replacement Redskins QB. [WaPo]

Nats and O’s made money off of not fully refunding LCS tix. [Deadspin]

The key moves that led to Baltimore’s wonderful 2012. [Krem’s Sports]

John Wall’s new Reeboks actually don’t look horrible. Progress! [Bog]

Nick Backstrom is teaming up with Ovi for Dynamo Moscow. [RMNB]

One thought on “DMV: Maryland-Miami Women’s Soccer Brawl!”

  1. If the skins – nats – caps coverage type stuff gets boring, Mr I would make a great soccer site. #1 Maryland beat #2 UNC last night btw.

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