Skins-Vikings Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following the Skins’ 38-26 win over Minnesota


Robert Griffin III — It’s hard to discuss RGIII without gushing (see: Fred Davis calling him Black Jesus), so let’s keep it simple. His line: 17-22, 182 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT passing (for a 97.2 rating) and 138 yards and 2 TD rushing. His new signature play: the 76-yard TD on 3rd-and-6, up five with 2:43 left in the fourth. It was the longest TD run by an NFL quarterback in 16 years, and it was more or less the game-winner.

Madieu Williams — I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup, but he made a real nice pick-six and 12 tackles against his former team today. (That’s four defensive touchdowns for the Redskins on the season, by the way.)

Lorenzo Alexander — Had a fumble recovery, a sack and a half, and seemed like he was all over the place out there.

Kai Forbath — Nailed a 50-yarder, his first and only FG attempt as a Redskin. Holy shit.

Trent Williams — Kept Jared Allen off the stat sheet, pretty much.

Darrel Young — Fullback touchdown! I love me some Darrel Young.

London Fletcher — Ten tackles, two passes defensed and a sack.

Joshua Morgan — Three catches for 42, but his block on RGIII’s 76-yarder was real nice.

Niles PaulBlew up a punt returner and caught a punt inside the five.

The red zone — Skins went 3-for-3. Vikings went 2-for-7. Also, the channel.

Mike Shanahan — Way to get the eight-game-home-losing-streak monkey off your back!

Kyle Shanahan — I don’t know how much of it is RGIII vs. how much of it is the rest of the offense vs. how much of it is Shanahan’s kid, but the Skins scored 38 points today and are averaging 29.7.


Jim Haslett — Whatever I said about Kyle Shanahan and the offense is pretty much true of Jim Haslett and the defense.

Dezmon Briscoe — Had a pretty bad drop, which means he has at least one more bad drop than he does catches.

Brandon Banks — One punt return for one yard. I’d love if he caught the ball and just ran more or less straight to the end zone with it.

Pierre Garcon Inactive again.

Dick Stockton — Confused things, such as interceptions and completions, intentional grounding and roughing the passer, and RGIII and RJIII.


Alfred Morris — A career-low 47 yards, but scored his fifth touchdown.

The NFC East — At 3-3, the Redskins play the 4-2 Giants next Sunday for a share of the division lead.

15 thoughts on “Skins-Vikings Winners & Losers”

  1. just when I think DC sports fandom can’t get any worse, you go and do something like this…….AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!!!!!!

  2. The Vikings D was tough to run against and Morris was basically just chipping out there. It was actually surprising how well the Redskins did despite not being able to run which is actually their strongest aspect of offense.

  3. Can we keep Kyle Shanahan off the winners list?Please see the play calling up 11 with 7 minutes left, went something like this:

    Wide receiver screen to Brandon Banks who fumbled out of bounds, stopped clock.

    Roll out pass to Josh Morgan (I think) who was a yard short and stepped out of bounds to stop the clock.

    4 yard pitch backwards to Alfred Morris on 3rd and 1 who had no chance of gaining the first down.


    If you asked Robert Griffin III to skip rope for first down and points, Robert would skip rope for first down and points. It has nothing to do with Kyle Shanahan.

  4. I think we are averaging 24 ppg on offense if you take out the defensive touchdowns but either way that’s amazing given what we have done for the past decade and we basically have the some personnel with the exception of RGIII. Apparently, he’s pretty good.

  5. What Pearlbullets said. The Redskins do know that going out of bounds stops the clock, right? I mean, what are we, the Dallas Cowboys/Jason Garrett?

    But then RGIII did that running thing he does and I was able to come in off the ledge.

  6. what about Santana? I think he’s at least a medium for pulling out some big first downs early in the game when the skins were still losing.

  7. This defense has got to get a little better if we’re going to legitimately contend for the division.

    Also, where’s Tana? He had a pretty decent day I thought.

  8. Actually (sorry, pedantic), the clock only stops when you go out of bounds when there is less than 5 minutes left to go in the game (and the last 2 minutes of the first half). So it doesn’t really matter all that much if you go out of bounds prior to those times.

  9. Actually the clock does stop for the referees to mark the ball. Granted it only takes 7 to 10 seconds for this to happen, but having our defense out there for an extra 1 to 2 plays is not good strategy. And you still have wide receiver screens to Brandon Banks, shovel passes with a more than capable quarterback, and Brandon Banks lining up as tailback.

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