DMV: RGIII Is Ready To Practice

RGIII will practice today after passing NFL concussion tests. [USAT Sports]

The Redskins have used waaay more kickers than other teams. [Bog]

Difference between RGIII and Cousins seems more than this. [USAT Sports]

Here’s another RGIII clip for his appearance on The League. [Bog]

Vote to determine how the City Paper refers to the Redskins. [City Desk]

Bryce Harper was kind of a dick to a St. Louis reporter on Monday. [Bog]

The Nats are giving out red rally towels before today’s game. [Bog]

Frank Robinson will be throwing out the first pitch. [Nats Journal]

Some local bars chose Redskins and NFL over Nats playoff baseball. [Bog]

Cardinal Bank has odd timing with their ads in the D.C. market. [Bog]

Catching up with Peter Angelos now that the O’s are good again. [The Sun]

Ovechkin scored a pretty ridiculous goal for Dynamo Moscow. [RMNB]

Remembering your Washington Capitals of the 1970s. [Japers’ Rink]

Wizznutzz had fun with John Hollinger’s Wiz predictions. [Deadspin]

Oddsmakers have the Wiz’ season win total at 31.5. [Bullets Forever]

Maryland is projected to play in the Military Bowl. Wow. []

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  1. i normally look at your blog in RSS, so it’s not normally a problem. but you guys should make it so that your links open new windows. it’s annoying to have to have to go back after clinking a link to steino from your site. that and i’m too lazy to ctrl+click

  2. I personally prefer the control of the default being that links open in the same window (and just ctrl+clicking to open them in a new one), so that’s why it is the way it is. Thanks for the feedback, though. And I hope you’re enjoying that full-feed RSS.

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