Orioles-Yankees ALDS Game 2 Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following the O’s 3-1 win over the Yankees …


Wei-Yin Chin — The only O’s pitcher to start more than 20 games this year delivered six and one-third of no-earned run baseball. The Yankees will be seeing inside fastballs in their sleep.

Darren O’Day and Brian Matusz — Got out of the Chin-induced jam in the seventh. Matusz had a dominant eighth too.

Jim Johnson — Totally rocked the ninth, which was nice to see.

Chris Davis — Two hits and two RBI. Is killing the ball in Sept.-Oct.

Robert Andino — Made a nice catch-turned double play in the first inning, preventing a big inning. Also started the two-out rally that ended with Davis’ two-run knock.

Ichiro’s slide — No idea how he was safe, or how far behind home plate you’d have to run before being called out of the baseline.

O’s fans — TBS sideline reporter Craig Sager’s decibel meter said Camden was louder in the ninth than any NBA arena ever. Science!?


J.J. HardyWas deked by A-Rod, costing the O’s a run. Went 0-for-3. Also let a grounder go through is legs. Not a good game for J.J. Hardy.

Manny Machado — Sitting at 0-for-7 on the series.

Cal Ripken — I haven’t been listening to the broadcast that closely, nor am I capable of criticizing the Iron Man, but he’s taking loads of criticism on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Orioles-Yankees ALDS Game 2 Winners & Losers”

  1. Cal seems tentative about talking, whereas Smoltz jumps right in. However, the win yesterday was simply awesome. I love Craig Sager saying it was the loudest sporting event he had been too in years. Time to answer Nationals fans?

  2. Smoltz is definitely awesome, which makes Cal look worse. He’s not awful, he just doesn’t provide insight you’d expect from a guy with his knowledge and experience.

  3. Ive been advocating Jim Palmer for the Post Season booth for years the incredible insight is only surpassed by the amazing condensation.

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