The Redskins Have A New Kicker And His Name Is Kai Forbath

Congratulations, Kai! You’ve been selected to join “a shit parade that’s on a 20-year march back to the Chip Lohmiller era.” Forbath, a 25-year-old who kicked at UCLA, has never played in the NFL. Graham Gano must be PISSED.

It should also be mentioned that Forbath was playing “bar golf” as recently as three days ago (via @KaiForbath; I think that’s him there on the left):

19 thoughts on “The Redskins Have A New Kicker And His Name Is Kai Forbath”

  1. You know, the 20 year shit parade is as much a function of bad luck + management impatience as it is kicker incompetence. If a guy has like an 85% career accuracy, over time he will repeat this rate. When we give up on kickers after they miss (or sign kickers coming off hot streaks, or who nail kicks at tryouts), we’re ignoring the Law of Averages in favor of Recency Bias, to our detriment. That’s why we end up cutting guys like David Akers, Nick Novak, and Shaun Suisham, all now doing just fine/thriving elsewhere.

  2. on his Wiki page right now-

    Considered by many to be the best place kicker to ever walk the face of the earth, the Redskins signed Forbath to replace the embarrassing Billy Cundiff. Forbath was once rumored to kick a full keg of beer (okay, almost full) 75 yards through the uprights while at UCLA.

  3. There is no such thing as the Law of Averages. There is, however, such a thing as the Law of Shitty Kickers. That law states that if you have a shitty kicker, you fire him and bring in someone new. Shitty kickers are a dime a dozen, so you keep bringing in new ones until you find one that looks like a shitty kicked but is really a half-decent one. We had one in Gano. Cundiff, however, was a real shitty kicker.

  4. Don’t know anything about Kai Forbath, but he should be better than Cundiff, who tops out at average when he has his confidence.

    Still don’t get why they didn’t keep Gano or Rackers, and even more confused why the Redskins are so reluctant to bring one of them back…

  5. I’m thinking he will do fine. He was (something like) 10-15 from behind 50 in college.

    5-5 in preseason and was beaten out by the Bucs kicker who almost kicked it out of Raymond James against us.

  6. Judging from that picture of him in shorts, looks like he’s got a good strong leg. Nice calf definition, foot looks well developed. Could be the one we’ve been waiting for all these years.

  7. Can he block for BobbyG3, can he catch a 3rd down pass, can he cover anybody including the other kicker, can he coach (most of ours completely suck ass HC,OC,not so Special teams)and finally can he nail one from 31 in the middle of the 2nd Quarter? Welcome to DC!!!

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