Orioles-Yankees ALDS Game 1 Winners & Losers

I’m not sure we’ll do this for every O’s playoff game, but we’ll do it for this one, a 7-2 loss in Game 1 to New York.


Jason Hammel — Hadn’t pitched in a month but matched CC Sabathia for five and two-thirds. Too bad CC went three more.

Nate McLouth — Picked up a two-RBI basehit, plating both of Baltimore’s runs.

Chris Davis — Made two great defensive plays out in rightfield, gunning Mark Teixeira out at second and catching a ball completely out of sight down the line. Also picked up two hits.

Darren O’Day and Brian Matusz — Shut it down in the seventh and eighth.


Jim Johnson — Hadn’t given up a HR in four months, but he gave one up to the first guy he faced, a ninth-inning backbreaker to Russell Martin.

Adam Jones — Went 0-for-4 tonight, is now 0-for-8 in the postseason.


Matt Wieters — Went 0-for-4 but made two nice defensive plays behind the plate, throwing Ichiro out at third and making a beautiful pick-and-tag in a tight situation.

4 thoughts on “Orioles-Yankees ALDS Game 1 Winners & Losers”

  1. Losers – Ernie Johnson. Man, he’s not good at the play by play.

    Winners – The O’s defense. Saved Hammel a few times as they made plays

    Medium – Me. I’m just happy to be here, but let’s win a damn game or two.

  2. Winner — The crowd. It was great to see Camden Yards rocking again. Nothing breeds success like winning… or something like that.

  3. Loser- LF boxes treated to Ichiro’s “Rising Sun” stretching exercises. For a 80 year old Japanese man, hes very limber.

    Loser- CC’s expanded…strikezone.

    The crowd really was a winner last night. Was in it until the almost bitter end and only “asshole” chanted one well deserving Yankee fan out of the LF seats once.

    McClouth was great, acknowledging the cheer he got from our section when coming out to his defensive position to start the game and then again acknowledging the ovation we gave him for the 2-run single.

    Interesting to note: Chris Davis’ Christian-rock walk up music.

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