Nationals-Cardinals NLDS Game 1 Winners & Losers

I’m not sure we’ll do this for every Nats playoff game, but we’ll do it for this one, a 3-2 win in Game 1 at St. Louis.


Tyler Moore — The kid sat for seven-plus innings before digging in for his first playoff at-bat, down 2-1 with two on and two outs, and knocking a basehit the other way for the game-tying and -winning RBI’s.

Ryan Mattheus — St. Louis was about to break it open in the seventh with the bases loaded and no outs. Then Mattheus got a force at the plate and a double-play ball on just two pitches. Fire extinguished. Two-pitch innings are high-lev Natitude.

Tyler Clippard and Drew Storen — Clip & Save didn’t allow a runner in the eighth or ninth, closing it out with ease.

Kurt Suzuki — Big RBI knock in the second. Had to catch Gio.

Ian Desmond — Three hits. Seems clutch. Kinda Jeter-y.


Gio Gonzalez — I was getting flashbacks to Rick Ankiel during the second inning as Gio issued four walks and allowed two runs without giving up a hit. He got back on track, though, lasting five despite walking seven. Hope it’s out of his system.

Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman, Adam LaRoche and Mike Morse — Two-for-18 from the heart of the order with five K’s (two errors too).

Danny Espinosa — Three K’s on the day. Looks lost out there.


Jayson Werth — K’d thrice, stranding six runners in his second and third at-bats alone. Made one hell of a catch, though.

Davey Johnson — Did a great job getting the game-deciding Moore-Marc Rzepczynski matchup. Not sure what he was thinking with that Espinosa bunt, even if it worked out in the end.

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  1. Seconding Natstradamous. Please continue with these. I am home drunk and need outlets. Also, where the F is the Skins one??? (easy start–loser: cundiff)

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