DMV: After 161 Games, O’s, Nats Still Have Plenty To Play For

Both Nats and O’s playoff opponents could be decided tonight. [WaPo, Sun]

If not for Red Sox bullpen and Raul Ibanez, the AL East would be tied. [BLS]

Latest power rankings have the Nats at No. 1, Orioles at No. 8. [Grantland]

Looks like Chris Tillman will start finale for the Orioles. [CSN Baltimore]

NL Rookie of the Month Bryce Harper is hitting in the clutch. [Boz]

This Philadelphia Daily news columnist is a raging douche. [Bog]

Adam LaRoche hit his 100th RBI last night, took curtain call. [Nats Enquirer]

Nats, O’s make huge jump in TV ratings. Not a surprise. [SBJ]

In the event of Nats-O’s World Series, City Paper call is MARC Series. [WCP]

John Keim breaks down the tape from RGIII against Tampa. [Examiner]

RGIII makes headlines and highlights, Alfred Morris makes plays. [ESPN]

With John Wall out, Wiz need rookie Bradley Beal to make plays. [TAI]

What Under Armour’s recruiting emergence means for UMD. [USAT]

Speaking of recruiting, update on the Harrison twins. [Testudo Times]

Food trucks to start charging 10% sales tax. Boo. [DCist]

After almost 10 months, Dupont Metro 19th St. exit should re-open soon. Should. [PoP]

2 thoughts on “DMV: After 161 Games, O’s, Nats Still Have Plenty To Play For”

  1. I liked Boz’s column yesterday on Harper and pointing out how good he’s been down the stretch while Trout has been pedestrian over the same span.

    and an AL East one game playoff to determine who goes to the wild card one game playoff is a hell of a gauntlet to go through if it happened.

  2. As much as I hate to agree with anyone from Philly, let alone a columnist, I think he’s right. As a seamhead and a Nats fan, I don’t like that so much of the attention is focused away from what’s happening on the field. The Presidents race, the infinite t-shirt tosses, the Nat Pack (whatever the hell that is) and, worst of all, Clint are all gimmicks. I don’t know what the effect it would have on attendance if they toned down the gimmicks but I’d like to see them try it.

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