DMV: The O’s Clinch A Spot In The Playoff To The Actual Playoffs

O’s sweep the Sox and clinch a wild card spot. [Camden Chat, CC]

O’s team plane had to make an emergency stop overnight. [Melewski]

Six reasons why the surprise O’s are in the playoff. [USA TODAY Sports]

Jim Johnson becomes the 10th pitcher to save 50 games. [Melewski]

Nats lose in St. Louis, can clinch the NL East race in D.C. tonight. [WaPo]

Mike Morse hit an amazing phantom grand slam Saturday. [Nats Enquirer]

Can Bryce Harper break the record for most HR by a teen? [Fed Baseball]

Some good Redskins-Buccaneers recaps for you. [John Keim, Keim, Bog]

KC Star stands by its decision not to publish the word Redskins. [KC Star]

A columnist suggests a Strasburg-like shutdown for RGIII. [Capital Games]

Adam Oates will co-coach the Bears during the lockout. [Caps Insider]

Ovi plays soccer with his Dynamo Moscow bros. [Russian Machine]

5 thoughts on “DMV: The O’s Clinch A Spot In The Playoff To The Actual Playoffs”

  1. I’d buy the KC Stars argument a lot more if it weren’t for the fact that they seem to have no problem with their hometown Chiefs, who play at Arrowhead Stadium. Moral Relativism at its finest.

  2. Not to beat a dead horse, but there are plenty of groups that would say that Chiefs and Arrowhead are just as offensive as Redskins, as would the NCAA in their ruling on native american themed mascots or motiffs.

    I’m not passing judgmenet on either the Chiefs or The Redskins names, just pointing out the enormous hypocrisy of the KC Star for staking their moral line at Redskins while completely ignoring the billion dollar behemoth in their own backyard. Such as…

    Oh hey, here’s a picture from the KC Star from yesterday of Will Shields at the Chiefs game pounding a vaguely native american drum with a vaguely native american wooden club.

    That’s totally not cultural appropriation in its most base and offensive form, but yeah, let’s totally climb on our soap box and finger wag at The Redskins.

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