Redskins-Bucs Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following the Skins’ 24-22 win at Tampa Bay


Robert Griffin III — Stat line: 323 yards passing on 75 percent completions with 43 yards rushing and no turnovers. I can’t recall a bad play he made, and he went 56 yards with less than two minutes for the game-winning FG. It’s clear this man is a high-level boss.

The Brandon Banks-to-RGIII-to-Niles Paul play — I suppose Kyle Shanahan should get the credit, and he did call a good game overall, but this was such an awesome play, even if Banks almost mucked it up.

Alfred MorrisHis first 100-yard game! That TD run was beautiful too. Now on pace for 1,504 yards rushing and 16 TD.

Ryan Kerrigan — Picked up another sack, batted down a pass and made a crucial stop on Tampa Bay’s final drive. Just an all-around force.

Trent Williams That took guts, playing like that on a bum knee.

Darrel Young — Good things happen when he gets the ball. Namely, 40 yards on two catches.

Fred Davis — Love seeing him involved for the second straight week (four catches and 70 yards).

Lorenzo Alexander — Made at least two nice special teams tackles.

Sav Rocca — Averaged 47 yards on six punts.

Barry Cofield — His penetration caused DeAngelo Hall’s INT.

Connor Barth — Nailed three 47-to-57-yard FG. Wilmington, NC represent.


Aldrick Robinson and Brandon Meriweather — Rendered inactive (pregame collision).

Billy Cundiff — Missed his first three kicks, including 41- and 31-yarders. Made the game-winner, a 41-yarder, just barely, but still. Very close to PSGO status. Which reminds me …

Danny Smith — Anytime the Skins lose/nearly lose thanks in large part to special teams, Danny Smith can PSGTFO.

Kory Lichtensteiger — Two false starts, including one on the final drive.

Will Montgomery — Had a drive-killing clipping call.

Josh Wilson — Burnt for a 65-yarder by Mike Williams.

Rob Jackson — Whiffed in the open field. Didn’t notice him the rest of the day.


Pierre Garcon — Of course it was good having him out there, but he only caught one pass and committed a drive-killing unnecessary roughness. He also caused a pass interference and later gave one back. That he was Johnny-on-the-spot for the Skins’ first TD (an RGIII fumble into the end zone) keeps him medium.

Mike Shanahan — Went for it — and got it — on 4th-and-1 from TB’s 26. That challenge on RGIII’s run out of bounds was foolish, though.

DeAngelo Hall — Made a big INT early, got beat by Vincent Jackson late.

Leonard Hankerson — Had pretty bad alligator arms on one pass over the middle. Did end up with seven catches.

Refs — I didn’t really notice them, except for a couple of very questionable unnecessary roughness/roughing the passer calls against Tampa Bay.

(Photo of RGIII and his mama taken with love from @cjzero.)

7 thoughts on “Redskins-Bucs Winners & Losers”

  1. Winners:

    RG3: Listen, I went to public school, so I’ll leave the effusive praise and high fallutin’ adjectives to others. But Jesus, this kid is everything promised and more. Y’know, if Vinny were still here, we’d have just lost by 20 and begging for Oswiler to start over Grossman. Something to keep in mind…

    Kyle Shanahan: Loved the trick play set up entirely by the zone read threat. Also seemed to make conscious play calling effort to not get RG3 killed.

    Ryan Kerrigan: Got a sack. Kept getting praised for “high motor” and “Smart player,” only one “deceptively athletic” away from hitting white player compliments superfecta.

    Me: Snagged 2 tix for tomorrow’s Nats game on 1st level for $9 a pop thanks to WaPo deal during halftime. Watching John Lannan clinch division title at home is going to be cathartic on like 6 different levels.


    Billy Cundiff: He has that same shithead look on his face when he misses kicks that Phillip Rivers does when he throws a pick, and it’s goddamn intolerable to look at. Also, he sucks terribly. There best be some kickers in Ashburn come Tuesday.

    Danny Smith: Cundiff is his fault, right? Has to be. Anyways, I just want to see him choke on his giant wad of gum once. Maybe not to death, but at least to the point where he needs the Heimlich and he vomits all over himself afterwards. That’d be nice.

    Tim Ryan: I must have sent a “Tim Ryan is a fucking dope” text on at least 7 different occasions. He’s just the worst.

    Anyone who goes to see that new Kevin James
    Movie: Kevin James plus MMA!? Alright, that’s worse than Tim Ryan.

  2. Loser:

    Every Skins player/coach/staffer that was on the field during warm-ups when Merriweather and Robinson collided. None of them moved an inch to go help either player after they collided. I had to rewind it when FOX showed the clip and I couldn’t believe that nobody made a move to see how serious it was.

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