DMV: Shanahan’s Kid Gets A Spanking From The NFL

Kyle Shanahan fined $25k for freaking out on replacement refs. [Insider]

Mike Shanahan got into it with reporters a bit about the Kyle stuff. [Bog]

With Helu and Royster hurt, Skins sign ex-GB RB Ryan Grant. [Insider]

Nats, Detwiler lose at Philly as magic number stays at 5. [WaPo]

I don’t feel good about Nats NL East champ shirts being out there. [Bog]

Trying to figure out if Detwiler or Jackson should be No. 3. [Nats Baseball]

Nats and O’s announcers are tied for seventh-most homerrific. [WSJ]

O’s shutout by Jays, are 1.5 back in the East, 2 up in the WC. [Camden Chat]

A Caps player wrote “sexy” on Madonna’s back. Really. [RMNB]

Brooks Laich to play in Switzerland during the lockout. [Caps Insider]

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